Gabriel’s Success Story

Gabriel improved from 430 in his first mock to 700. Learn how he prepared and improved his verbal from 61 percentile to 80 percentile, scoring 700.

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4 thoughts on “Gabriel interview

  1. Hi Rajat, I am planning for GMAT in 2015 or 2016 based on the level of preparation, but I’m immensely confused as I have been told the negatives of GMAT like it’s not for middle class family students, this and that, so I’m also looking for CAT. The level of confusion is increasing day by day. Kindly show a light to me. Daily I kill my time thinking what to do or what to not.

    please email me

    1. Dear Ansh,

      Thank you for writing to me. I can assure to that many of our students are just like you – from middle class families – and they have successfully completed their MBAs after taking the GMAT and are very happy with the same.

      While the MBA fee may seem daunting on paper, students who do well on the GMAT and have a decent professional career get a number of scholarships. I had two full fellowships and did not pay a penny for my MBA. One more thing – a majority of the top 50 schools in the world are much better than their respective Indian counter-parts in terms of:
      1. Faculty
      2. Job options (you have to work more to get that job)
      3. The overall MBA experience.
      Bottom line – for most people the MBA is a life changing event. I would not look at MBA from a business standpoint – not as an expense but as a Return on Investment. And I can tell you that for majority of students, the ROI from an MBA in USA/Singapore is much higher than that from an MBA in India. We may schedule a session in this regard since a lot of students seem to have the same concerns.


      Rajat Sadana

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