FAQFrequently Asked Questions


How much do I pay for?

    Please check out buy page for pricing information.

Is there an alternate method of payment other than the VISA/MASTERCARD credit/debit cards and Paypal?

Yes, there is.
If you do not have a Mastercard or Visa credit/debit card or a Paypal account, then you can pay through
Netbanking. (Indian customers only)

For more information about payment through Net banking, send us an email at administrator@e-gmat.com from your email account registered with e-GMAT.com.

I made the payment through your payment gateway but my payment was declined?
What do I do now?

Sometimes the payment gets declined for reasons out of control of e-GMAT. The error message that we receive
indicates that the payment was declined by the issuer of the credit card. In our experience this happens when
the card is not authorized to make payments in foreign currency (in this case USD). There are three ways in which
you can make the payment and get course access:

  1. Use a CREDIT card – VISA or Master card – that is eligible to make payments in US currency.
  2. Use Paypal
  3. Pay using Net banking (Indian customers only)

Write to administrator@e-gmat.com if you need help