FAQFrequently Asked Questions


How is audio-visual learning superior to traditional learning?

  1. It is a known statistic that we retain 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, and 50% of what we see and hear. This retention increases significantly if you study through a system that lets you apply the learning right away.
  2. Hence, at e-GMAT you retain more not only because it combines audio and visual mode of learning but also because every concept comes with built-in quizzes.

My course has expired, but I have not completed my GMAT preparation. How can I extend the course subscription?

We understand that life “happens” and some of our plans get derailed a bit. We would be happy to provide you an extension to the courses at discounted prices, but we need some important information from you. We need a proof of your GMAT scheduled date.

This proof should include:

  1. Email from GMAC with the GMAT test date.
  2. Screenshot from your GMAC account clearly displaying your name, email address, GMAT test date and location.

Please send the above to support@e-gmat.com. In the absence of the above, unfortunately we will not be able to honor your extension request.

How can I get access to GMAT Club tests ?

    You need to be a member of GMATClub.com and either a Verbal Online or a Verbal Live Prep customer to get access to GMAT Club tests.

My question isn’t answered by the FAQ section. What should I do?

        Please send us your query at