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What content do I get when I buy?

Sentence Correction course

You get access to the following for 6 months:

  1. 35 Concept Files
  2. 13 Application Files
  3. 3 Level qualifying Exercises
  4. 30+ hours of audio-visual content
  5. Over 500 Sentence Correction questions
Critical Reasoning Course

You get access to the following for 6 months:

  1. 16 Concept Files
  2. 7 Application Files
  3. 2 Level qualifying Exercises
  4. 30+ hours of audio-visual content
  5. Over 200 Critical Reasoning questions
Reading Comprehension Course

You get access to the following for 6 months:

  1. 12 Concept Files
  2. 15 practice Files
  3. 4 Application Filess
  4. 30+ hours of audio-visual content
  5. Over 160 Reading Comprehension questions
Integrated Reasoning Course

You get access to the following for 6 months:

  1. 35 Concepts
  2. 120+ Original questions
  3. 15+ hours of audio-visual content
  4. 2 full-length IR Mock tests
Verbal Online course

You get access to the following for 6 months:

  1. SC course, CR course, RC course, and IR course
  2. Free access to GMAT Club tests
  3. 5 full-length mock tests from 800score
  4. Verbal workshop
  5. Scholaranium
Verbal Live Prep

You get access to the following for 6 months:

  1. SC course, CR course, RC course, and IR course
  2. Free access to GMAT Club tests
  3. 5 full-length mock tests from 800score
  4. 36 hrs of Live sessions
  5. Verbal workshop
  6. Scholaranium

What is the difference between Verbal Online and Verbal Live Prep?

Simply put,

Verbal Live Prep = Verbal Online + Verbal Live Add On

  1. Verbal Online = e-learning courses for SC, CR, RC, IR + GMAT Club Tests + 800score.com tests + 1 Verbal Workshop + Scholaranium
  2. Verbal Live Add On = 4 Live Sessions in SC + 6 Live Sessions in CR + 2 Live Sessions in RC

What are Live Sessions? And how will they help me ?

    Live sessions are live online classes on frequently tested topics such as modifiers, parallelism, assumptions, inference, etc. These sessions are conducted by e-GMAT experts to help students master the key concepts. These sessions provide a mechanism for students to get their queries answered in real time. These sessions will provide a shot in the arm and really help you increase your score.

What are the main skills that I need to solve Sentence Correction Questions?

There are three main skills that you need to solve SC questions.

  1. Understanding of grammatical rules as tested on GMAT – Our concept files are designed to do the same. We cover all 6 error categories including Subject-Verb, Verb, Pronouns, Modifiers, Parallelism, and Idioms in 35 error concepts.
  2. Standardized approach to solving questions – Our application files are designed to help you learn the technique of approaching SC questions in a methodical manner. There are 13 application files dispersed throughout the course.
  3. Expertise to solve questions in a timely manner – Our UGEs are designed such that the user solves questions in a timed environment.

When can I start solving OG 13 questions?

    OG 13, and OG verbal guides are integral parts of our course. We highly recommend that after every application file, you attempt the prescribed list of questions from OG 13 & Verbal Review 2. We have classified OG questions based on the course content covered till each application file. This list is in the pdf file next to each application file in ‘My Dashboard’ view. Even if you have attempted these questions in the past, you must do them again – the difference is that this time you will apply the e-GMAT process to solve these questions. The main purpose behind this is to learn to apply process such that it becomes a second nature whenever you look at an SC question. Also, do not worry about the timing bit. First focus on increasing your accuracy and then focus on answering the questions in a timely manner.

Are both Sentence Correction & Critical Reasoning courses designed in the same manner?

Both these courses are designed using the same Learning principles. However, considering the difference in the subject matter, their final design and layout are different. Similarities

  1. Both courses contain audio-visual content.
  2. Both courses contain diagnostic tests and level qualifying exercises at each level.
  3. Both courses contain concept files and application files.


  1. In SC, the concept file contains both pre-assessment and post-assessment quiz. In CR, the concept file contains only the post-assessment quiz. This is why CR post assessment quiz has more questions than an SC post assessment quiz.
  2. In SC, the application file begins with a quiz, followed by detailed solutions. In CR, the application file begins with solved examples, followed by a post-assessment quiz with detailed solutions
  3. SC contains UGE. CR does not contain UGE. For CR, we believed that in-place learning is more effective. Thus, instead of providing questions at two places – My Dashboard & UGE, we made the “My Dashboard” content more heavily loaded with questions.

Where do you get the questions from?

    The e-GMAT team has spent 2000+ hours to create questions. The questions are based on a thorough analysis of all official questions to understand the essence behind them. Using this analysis as baseline, the team has created all questions in the e-GMAT course.

What other resources will I need to complete my preparation for GMAT Verbal?

    To prepare for GMAT Verbal, you need e-GMAT’s verbal course and official guides. In addition, after you complete the preparation, you must take full-length tests from sources such as GMAT Prep, 800 score, and GMAT Club Tests.

Are the questions in e-GMAT courses sufficient for practice?

        As such the number of questions provided in our courses is sufficient, especially if the Official Guide questions are also included in the study plan. However, if you need additional practice, you may access GMAT Club Tests. We sell GMAT Club Tests as bundled offering with our courses. Click


       for more details.

What is the course validity ?

    You will have access to the course for a period of 6 months. This validity period starts from the date you purchase the course.

What level of score improvement can I expect after I go through your courses?

  1. A score improvement that is inline with your efforts and belief in our methodology. Frankly, if you don’t put in the efforts, then our course cannot help you. The more diligent you are, the more you will gain out of our courses. Also, your belief in our methodology is important since if you don’t use the approach we teach in the exam, the utility of the course will be limited
  2. We have had a student who improved from V21 to V41, after taking e-GMAT course. We also had another student who improved from V29 to V45. These kind of success stories are possible but not very common. However, we have had many students with 10+ score improvement in Verbal. These students got the maximum out of our courses since they put in the efforts and used our methodologies in the actual GMAT

What is the score improvement guarantee provided by e-GMAT?

        We offer a 4 point score improvement guarantee to our Verbal Live Prep students – quite simply, if you have an official Verbal score, we guarantee that your score will improve by 4 points (on a scale of 60), otherwise you get your money back. Verbal Live Prep is the only course in the world to provide such a guarantee. Click


       to know more about the guaranteed score improvement.

Can I upgrade my package from an individual course to a Verbal Online or Verbal Live Prep package at a later stage?

Yes. You can surely do it. You can write to support@e-gmat.com whenever you need an upgrade. Our support team will assist you with your upgrade process.

Should I pay the entire amount again, if I decide to upgrade my package?

No. You can upgrade your package by simply paying the differential amount. You can write to support@e-gmat.com to know about the process for upgrade.