Dennis scored a V39 on GMAT with a week's study

Dennis Obigwe

Hi Dennis. Can you tell us how long you prepared for the GMAT?
I had registered for the course a few months ago but had little time to study due to work constraints. I finally found two weeks of freedom to concentrate and prepare properly for the GMAT.
Amazing that you were able to achieve a V39 within 2 weeks. Can you tell us a bit more about your preparation?
I always struggled around the V33 area. So, I did an intense study prep by first watching the SC free webinar which was very useful for me in approaching each SC question. The three step approach was critical in edging me towards the 90%+ accuracy.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
As i researched for programs, I noticed that e-GMAT had a lot of good reviews from many GMAT Club users and it costs about 199 dollars for the English package. It is definitely worth it. If you want to get a feel before purchasing, please subscribe to the free webinar for SC, RC and CR to see for yourself. I am sure you would tread the same path :-).
What are your thoughts on the Verbal Online course?
The video format of the course is very effective, highly interactive and provides in depth knowledge of all the things you need to master SC. The course is organized and has a nice flow which helps you get the maximum learning out of it. I would strongly recommend this to anyone.
Glad to hear that the course helped you, Dennis. How were the free webinars?
The live sessions – especially on SC and CR – were absolutely fantastic. They helped me more than all the 100+ page guides I had read much earlier before getting bogged down and taking a break.
How was the support provided by the team?
The support team was awesome. Although I purchased the course much before, I didn’t use it at all as I took a break from preparation. However, the team gladly extended my course till my GMAT date upon my request. e-GMAT team rocks!
Thanks Dennis. Would you like to add anything else?
I would like to wish all the fellow e-GMATers the best.

Within a week of study using Verbal Online, I was able to obtain a V39. If I decide to retake for a higher score, I would opt for e-GMAT again and spend a bit more time on preparation this time.