Verbal Online


This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between your true potential and your performance on the real test. The purpose is plain and simple – to help you put your best foot forward as you appear for the test. Those who have prepared thoroughly will find that this workshop will give them that one last push they have been looking for – whether it’s taking a leap from V32 to V35 or from V38 to V40 or from V40 to beyond

What is the format of the workshop?

The workshop will start with a timed (45 minutes) mini mock test containing 22 questions. Each question on the test is carefully hand-made by e-GMAT experts. As soon as you complete the mini test, you will receive detailed analytics about your performance relative to that of the group.

After the test, we will discuss up to 10 selected questions, focusing on how you should have approached them. We will make you think like an ideal test taker, helping you make crucial decisions that can have a major impact on your final score.

How is this workshop conducted?

This workshop will be conducted using adobe connect – the world’s leading online classroom – and our quizzing tools. We will use advanced polling,
annotations, personalized chat, and a host of other features to ensure that this workshop is super effective for all.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for students who have 70% or higher accuracy on difficult OG questions. Ideally your verbal score in your most recent mock test should be in the 32-40 range (on a scale of 60). Students who are scoring less than 30 on their mock tests may find the questions discussed in this workshop too challenging.