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Build a great foundation, learn every concept from Subject-Verb to Pronouns to Modifiers to Comparisons through 50+ concept files and 550+ questions, and track your learning through carefully placed assessments. Whether you are a re-taker or someone just starting his/her preparation, you will find that this course is the best resource to excel on GMAT Sentence Correction, 5X more comprehensive than any other resource out there.

“After going through e-gmat course I started seeing the sentence structure more clearly. Instead of burdening me with rules, the course helped me understand the rules in a very simple way “

-Eki (710, V39)

Start with learning how arguments are built. Then learn how and what to infer from these arguments. With this solid foundation in place, march towards tackling more challenging concepts such as Assumptions, Evaluate, Strengthen, Weaken, and Bold Face.Test your understanding first at a conceptual level through in-place exercises in the concept files and then at a question level through the 15+ application and practice files. Solve 280+ questions in the process.

“The course provided an analytical framework for CR and I no longer used my gut feeling. This led to increase in accuracy and lowered my time to answer questions. This CR course is an absolute must for someone considering getting a solid ground on CR.”

John Besore(740, V41)

The world’s first RC course that teaches HOW to read a passage, details the three kinds of inferences, and outlines a systematic process to arrive at the main point.With 40+ passages covering humanities, bio sciences, physical sciences, and business and 230+ questions covering all the major question types, the course provides ample practice to turn you from a novice to an expert.

I have improved my accuracy from 50% to 80% in 14 days. One major difference in comparison to other courses is the way RC is taught in this program. The method is very scientific and easy to understand & apply.

-Rohit Ghosh

With 120 original problems, audio-visual solutions, and amazing interactivity, the e-GMAT IR course is the only course you would need to prepare for IR.e-GMAT IR course provides step by step approach for each question type – Table Analysis, Graphic Interpretation, 2-Part, and Multi-Source Reasoning questions. Over 1,200 hours of effort have been put into making this ground- breaking course.

“Needless to say that e-GMAT IR course is the best that is out there. It provides a very good refresher and a great source of practice.”

Ram GMAT Score –750 = Q49, V42

World Class Support
With every e-GMAT offering, support is a core element, not an after- thought addition. That is why we have dedicated forums for each concept.Over the past two years, we have responded to more than 5,500 queries in the internal forums – an effort when translated to minutes equals 1.5 man years. Secondly, the course creators themselves monitor these forums. Hence when you purchase the e-GMAT course, you will be rest assured that all your relevant doubts will be addressed.

“Their customer service is excellent. They are very responsive in helping all types of queries.”

Jaichandra Reddy (720 V39)

Practice Problems
Verbal Online includes thousands of practice problems to make sure that you practice to perfect the methodical approach.Every practice problem comes with a comprehensive solution and is supported by the question creator. So whether you are novice or a seasoned test taker, you will find ample practice to sharpen your skills.

GMAT Strategy
At e-GMAT, we help you at every step of the process, starting from careful planning to efficient execution.Effective strategy to achieve your goal comprises two things – leveraging your strengths and devoting resources to overcome your weakness. At e-GMAT we devote 2 strategy sessions for the same.

  • Strategy Session 1 provides you the framework to define your GMAT strategy, emphasizes the importance of core skills, and helps create your personalized study plan.
  • Strategy Session 2 helps you put your best foot forward by teaching you how to evaluate mocks and what to do to achieve maximum score improvement in the last 30 days.

Mock Tests
Perfection requires practice. To make sure you have ample number of mock tests, we provide GMAT Club Tests and 5 full-length mock tests through Effective preparation combined with such ample practice significantly increases your chances of success in the GMAT.