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e-GMAT Quant

e-GMAT Quant Course is designed to help you ace the GMAT (think Q50) in 50 hours. This course will help you at each stage of your preparation, right from learning the concepts to mastering the application of these concepts.

With 30 quant concepts covered in detail along with 2000+ practice questions, no other course comes even close in terms or quality and comprehensiveness.

“When the topic started about Even and Odd, the first thing that went across my mind was, why did they select such an easy topic. But, when tried the DS questions i understood how rusty my quant concepts were.  Wonderful and clear explanation that made me think from the basics and arrive at an answer. That was great stuff. Thank you e-GMAT team.”

-Adi Narayan

15+ hours of
Live Sessions

e-GMAT live sessions, taught by the world’s top rated instructors, will ensure that you are able to apply the most challenging concepts with aplomb to solve even the most difficult questions.

Success on GMAT comes from knowledge of concepts and effective application of those concepts. No one teaches the application the way e-GMAT does. While most courses just teach you concepts in live sessions, e-GMAT’s live sessions help you master how to apply the concepts. These live sessions are conducted on world’s most advanced online learning platform – Adobe Connect and are extremely interactive.

As soon as you join Quant Live Prep, you get access to all the recordings. You can finish the course in less than 15 days by using these HD recordings.
All our recordings are as good as the live sessions. They capture all the discussions, allow you to download files and jump to particular parts of the sessions, and view all the questions and answers. By providing you these recordings, we make sure that you do not lose out on learning if you are unable to attend the scheduled live sessions on the weekends.

“The recordings allowed me to finish the course in less than a month and take the exam with confidence”

- Satish

World Class Support

With every e-GMAT offering, support is a core element, not an after-thought addition. That is why we have dedicated forums for each concept.Over the past two years, we have responded to more than 5,500 queries in the internal forums – an effort when translated to minutes equals 2.5 man years. Secondly, the course creators themselves monitor these forums. Hence when you purchase the e-GMAT course, you will be rest assured that all your relevant doubts will be addressed.

“Their customer service is excellent. They are very responsive in helping all types of queries.”

- Jaichandra Reddy

7 Practice CATs

Perfection requires practice. To make sure you have ample number of mock tests, we provide GMAT Club Tests and 5 full-length mock tests through 800score.comEffective preparation, combined with such ample practice, significantly increases your chances of success in the GMAT.

GMAT Strategy

At e-GMAT, we help you at every step of the process, starting from careful planning to efficient execution.Effective strategy to achieve your goal comprises two things – leveraging your strengths and devoting resources to overcome your weakness. At e-GMAT we devote 2 strategy sessions for the same.

  • Strategy Session 1 provides you the framework to define your GMAT strategy, emphasizes the importance of core skills, and helps you create your personalized study plan.
  • Strategy Session 2 helps you put your best foot forward by teaching you how to evaluate mocks and what to do to achieve maximum score improvement in the last 30 days.


Quant Live Prep includes 2000+ practice problems to make sure that you practice to perfect the methodical approach.

Every practice problem comes with a comprehensive solution and is supported by the question creator. So whether you are a novice or a seasoned test taker, you will find ample practice to sharpen your skills.

Score Improvement Guarantee

We are so sure about the quality of our course and the ability of our instructors that we offer a 3* point score improvement guarantee.

If you are a re-taker, we guarantee that we will help you improve your quant score by 3* points. Or else we will refund your money; no questions asked.
*Click here to see the terms and conditions of the guarantee

Money Back
We are a small company and we like to keep things simple. We want you to love our courses. We offer a very comprehensive free trial so that you can try out the course before making the purchase. In addition, if you don’t like our course, let us know within a week and we will refund the money to you, as long as you have attempted less than 25% of our course.