simply the best
Launch Presentation

The best thing is the concept explanation – Very cleanly described concepts. With these concepts we can crack the IR section.
– Biju Gautham

amazingly interactive

Love the new user interface! You guys have again done a splendid job on this course! Its everything that I need to know about IR and can figure out where exactly I’m lacking. This course will bring up my score for sure!

– Biju Gautham

real strategies

I loved its step by step approach…In GMAT I faced with flood of information and had no idea how I must use them in a short time to get the answer…though I was so proud of my Engineering background felt so confused and lost! This approach gives good eye bird view how and where information are used. No confusion! The idea of how to arrange information based on question requirement is brilliant.

designed for non natives

Arpit Jain

On the basis of whatever concept files and quizzes I have gone through, I can confidently say that the e-GMAT team has pulled off a great job and this course would be a roaring success, just as all other e-GMAT courses.

Yogesh Gupta

I have accessed the quiz and I am quite impressed to say that the questions were quite tricky and difficult. Although my maths is good but I was not able to solve these questions fully. I like the questions and their explanations.