GMAT Live Prep


This session will help you build the two core skills required to ace inference questions:

  1. Relating the different statements in the passage to form inferences
  2. Attention to detail

Since understanding what possible inferences are possible from a given set of information also forms the basis of understanding arguments in all other question types in CR, this session will prepare a solid foundation for you to ace GMAT CR.


Higher accuracy

You’ll see at least some instant improvement in your accuracy level in Inference questions after the session. Additionally, as you internalize the learnings from the session and apply them, your accuracy level will keep rising.

Higher confidence

This session will arm you with the correct approach and relevant concepts to understand precisely why the wrong option is wrong and the correct choice is correct. With clarity in your mind, your confidence level will increase tremendously.After the session, you’ll not be satisfied with marking answers by hunch. In other words, for most inference questions, you will be able to pin point the correct answer and not be confused between 2 answer choices.

Reduce time to answer

As your understanding of concepts and process improves and confidence increases, you’ll notice that you are taking lesser and lesser time to answer CR questions.


Higher accuracy

We will discuss 6 full length questions, most of them 700+ level. Each question is cherry picked on the basis of two criteria:

  1. How the correct inference is derived from the given information
  2. How the incorrect option statements are built to confuse students

The questions discussed in the session will cover both the categories of inference questions: “Must be True” and “Most Strongly Supported”. You will first attempt each of the questions above on your own. We’ll then discuss the question in details using our standard process for solving CR questions. Since our standard process involves prethinking, you’ll also learn to draw inferences from the passages without even looking at the option statements.

We’ll not only discuss the passage and the option statements but also explain how the correct inference is derived from the given information and how the question maker has specifically designed traps in incorrect option statements. Probably, your biggest learning will come from our latter explanations.

To make the session lively and participative, we’ll use lot of communication features including chat window, polls, Q&A pod, notes pane, presentation and annotations.


To make the most out of this session, you must have completed the assigned course work, as assigned in the study plan that includes Inference concept file.

Since this is the first session in the CR course, you are also required to go through the fundamental concepts in CR, which include Premise and Conclusion series of concepts and a concept on Logical Structure of arguments. In addition, you are required to go through the diagnostic test to assess your level of understanding before you begin the course.