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Bold Face


Approach to solve Bold Face questions

In this session, you’ll learn an approach to solve Bold Face questions. Given the nature of these questions, the process to solve these questions is quite different from the approach to solve other questions. You’ll learn a very scientific yet simple approach to handle Bold Face questions.

Terminology used in option statements

Option statements in Bold Face questions use some common terms to identify the bolded segments. These terms include evidence, circumstance, fact, observation, judgment etc. In this session, we’ll learn about these terms – what do they mean, where can they be used and in which situations can they be used interchangeably.

Common pitfalls

You’ll also learn some of the very common traps built in Bold Face questions.


Higher accuracy

After learning about the correct approach and common pitfalls, you’ll see at least some instant improvement in your accuracy level after the session. However, as you internalize the learnings from the session and apply them, your accuracy level will keep rising. E-GMAT Students have achieved over 90% accuracy in these question types.

Higher confidence

After the session, you’ll not be satisfied with marking answers by hunch. This session will arm you with the correct approach and relevant concepts to understand precisely why the wrong option is wrong and the correct choice is correct. With clarity in your mind, your confidence level will increase tremendously.

Lower time to answer

As your understanding and confidence increases, you’ll notice that you are taking lesser and lesser time to answer CR questions.



The session will explain the key concepts using simple examples so that you understand the core of the concept. The concepts that will be taught in this manner include:

  1. 4-step process for answering “Bold Face” questions
  2. Understanding of various terms used in option statements


More than 90% of the session time will be devoted in applying the concepts.
We will discuss 5-6 full length “Bold Face” questions, almost all of them 700+ level. Each question is cherry picked on the basis of two criteria:

  1. Which terminologies are used in the correct choice to describe the two bolded segments
  2. How the incorrect option statements are built to confuse students

You will first attempt each of the questions above on your own and possibly fall into traps designed by the question makers.

We’ll then discuss the question in details using our standard process for solving Bold Face questions.

We’ll not only discuss the argument and the option statements but also explain how the terminologies used in correct option statement appropriately identify the two bolded segments and how the question maker has specifically designed traps in incorrect option statements. Probably, your biggest learning will come from our latter explanations.

To make the session lively and participative, we’ll use lot of communication features including chat window, polls, Q&A pod, notes pane, presentation and annotations.


To make the most out of this session, you must have completed the assigned course work, as assigned in the study planthat includes Bold Face concept and application files and our article on “How to approach Bold Face questions”.