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Chander improves by 210 points and scores a 730 on the GMAT

Chander Sharma

Hi Chander. How did you prepare before using e-GMAT courses?
For my first attempt, I joined the MGMAT Classroom course and prepared using their materials.
How was your preparation experience for your first attempt?
In my first attempt, MGMAT taught me to focus more on key words rather than meaning. I think their approach made it worse for me and I did so bad in SC.
How was your experience using e-GMAT SC course for your next attempt?
The focus on meaning nailed the concepts for me. I always considered SC as my weakest section. However, after using e-GMAT SC course, I could improve my GMAT score by 210 points, with a V38.
Thank you, Chander. Glad that the course helped you. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT for the wonderful course that helped me.
Nikhil scored 710 on GMAT, improving by 180 points!

Nikhil Minotra

Hi Nikhil. Can you tell us a bit about your GMAT Preparation?
This is my third attempt. In my first two attempts, I scored a 530 and a 630 respectively after using many study resources.
How did you prepare in your first two attempts?
I have studied pretty much every book and resource that was available including the Official guides and the Manhattan books for my first attempt. I was also scoring around 680-690 in my mocks. While preparing for my second attempt joined the Kaplan (Chopra’s) course in hopes that I would learn something only to realize that it is of no use to me.
What were the issues you faced with your preparation in your first two attempts?
I assumed that my Quant would be decent since I was from an engineering background. However, I quickly realized that I am facing lot of issues with Quant and Verbal both. Added to that the fact that my preparation wasn’t methodical. I ended up with a 530 and 630 in my initial attempts.
How much difference did you perceive between your mock experience and your first GMAT experience?
I have felt a lot of difference. Very soon after I entered the examination hall, I realized that I haven’t replicated the test experience properly in my mocks. I have never been a nervous person, but during my first GMAT attempt, my palms became all sweaty and I experienced a nervous and anxious feeling I have never experienced before.
What according to you went wrong with your preparation for the first two attempts?
I just focused on reading more and more material and gave lots of mocks without thinking about what are the actual issues that need to be addressed and how to do a analysis of my performance. In fact, I have given around 15 mocks for my second attempt! Trust me, giving tons of mocks is not at all necessary. What I realized is that I need to be aware of where I am in my preparation and that is what is crucial if I have to put my efforts in the right direction and reach my target score.
What did you do after your first two attempts?
Frankly after the first two attempts, I lost confidence in myself and almost decided to give up on the GMAT. After sometime, I wanted to see if anybody would take the GMAT three times. So, I started browsing GMAT Club and found plenty of people similar to me who failed initially but eventually succeeded on the GMAT.
Why didn’t you use GMAT Club during your first two attempts to read up about how people prepare?
Actually, during my first two attempts, I distanced myself from forums and online discussions since I already had a couple of friends who were preparing for the GMAT. Also, I never considered that I need help in any section. So, I never got around to doing any online research. After my first two attempts, I realized that I needed to do a realistic self-evaluation.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
I came across e-GMAT on GMAT Club while researching on the available prep courses. I attended a free SC webinar hosted by Payal. I was totally impressed by the approach advocated in the session. I have never seen anyone illustrate such a methodical approach and solve SC questions with such a logical approach without involving too much of grammar.
The webinar made me realize that till then I had been marking answers without concrete reasoning. Then I researched a bit more about e-GMAT and saw that e-GMAT has amazing reviews. So, I immediately availed an ongoing offer and enrolled for VLP without a second thought.
What did you like while studying using Verbal Live Prep?
A number of aspects of the course were very helpful. The provided study plan was helpful in planning my preparation properly and in keeping track of the same. The methodical approach combined with the audio visual concepts helped me gain a much better conceptual clarity and application skills. The live sessions then helped me take my ability to the next level and got me ready for the GMAT. In short, e-GMAT helped me excel.
Thank you for your kind words, Nikhil. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you too e-GMAT team.
Neel scores a 730 on the GMAT

Neel Sendas

Hi Neel. How did you prepare before using e-GMAT course?
Just so you know, I have tried both Veritas and Manhattan courses, the two most expensive and supposedly the best courses available but didn’t get the score I expected.
How was your experience of using the SC portion of the course?
Your SC live sessions helped me a lot. e-GMAT was a big contributer to this significant 13-point increase in my verbal score from V31 to V44!
Glad to hear that. What other e-GMAT courses did you like?
I absolutely love the RC lessons. The detailed analysis of all the answer choices, including the wrong answer choice patterns was a GREAT help. One thing is for sure, e-gmat’s RC course is one of the best we have in the market at the moment.
Were there any other aspects of e-GMAT courses that you’d like to mention?
Initially, like many others, I was one of the rebellious ones who had doubts about the approach e-GMAT suggested. I was concerned that the approach will take lot of time. But once I got used to the 3-step method, I could complete the answers in less than 2 minutes. I realized that what you guys have been saying all along is so true!
Thank you for your kind words of appreciation, Neel. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT.
Arun scored a 760 on the GMAT

Arun Goenka

Hi Arun. Can you tell us a bit about your initial GMAT preparation?
When I started my GMAT preparation, I targeted to take the GMAT within 3 months. However, my score in the diagnostic test made me aware that I needed additional help on the Verbal section. I have used Manhattan and Kaplan materials for verbal preparation, but these have not helped in improving my verbal score beyond 36.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
After some research on GMAT Club, I came across e-GMAT. I enrolled for the Verbal Online course and within few weeks of preparation with the course, I started seeing improvement in my sentence correction accuracy – which increased steadily from 50% to 85+%.
Were the CR and RC portions of the course helpful too?
Yes. Definitely. RC and CR sections of this course were also very helpful in my preparation and were crucial in boosting my score.
Would you like to add anything else?
e-GMAT course makes the verbal section much more logical and understandable. This course removed much of guesswork that I earlier used in this section. I found the e-GMAT way of audio visual learning modules along with pre and post tests after each concept is much more helpful than just reading books. This course helped me in pushing my verbal score from 35 (mock) to 41 and I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve in the Verbal section.
Thank you Arun. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.
Thank you Team e-GMAT.
Gobi Selvaraj scored a 700 and recommends e-GMAT course.

Gobi Selvaraj

Hi Gobi, can you tell us about your preparation before enrolling for Quant Live Prep?
For my first attempt, I signed up for a Bangalore based test prep company and studied for more than 7 months. However, I ended up with a 530 (Q40, V23).
What aspects do you think went wrong with your preparation for the first attempt?
Firstly, the concepts were not taught properly. Even basic concepts were ignored and focus was maintained only on solving complex problems. Moreover, they taught shortcuts for each problem and so there was no consistent approach. At the end, I realized that I didn’t learn anything substantial.
From your experience, can you tell us the extent to which the shortcut approaches worked?
I realized that shortcuts do not help in learning the concepts. Moreover, the shortcuts taught to me worked only on some select problems. Eventually, I ended up scoring a Q40 on the actual GMAT since I couldn’t answer most of the questions.
How did you find Quant Live Prep?
For my second attempt, I was initially enrolled for Verbal Live Prep and saw a significant improvement in my Verbal accuracy. So, I decided to invest in e-GMAT for my Quant preparation and bought their Quant Live Prep course. I soon realized that this has been the best investment I have made so far in my life.
How was your experience using Quant Live Prep?
I have been out of college for almost 7-8 years now, so my quant is quite rusty. QLP course was very helpful to teach me all math concepts required for GMAT exam. I digested all the concepts very clearly and had a standard approach for each question type. Even though it took little longer to apply the standard approach for each problem, it helped me improve my accuracy significantly.
Thank you Gobi. Would you like to add anything for your fellow test takers?
After learning the concepts taught in the course, practice using the processes prescribed in the course and you’re sure to get a Q50 or Q51. In my case, after using this course for around 3 months, I scored a Q50 in my second attempt – a whopping 10-point improvement in Quant.
That’s wonderful to hear, Gobi. Good luck for your future endeavors
Thank you team e-GMAT.