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Bhagawat displays his magic with a 750 on the GMAT

Bhagawat Rawat

Hi Bhagawat. Congratulations on scoring a 750. How does it feel to achieve a dream score?
Amazing! I was pleasantly surprised with a 200+ point score improvement compared to my previous attempt. e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep course helped me jump from 630 (V28) to 750 (V41).
How was your experience of using the SC portion of the course?
The 3-step process for SC is a sure shot way to get questions correct. The most important point which i would like to mention is that you guys made the difficult terms made so easy to understand (no one in this world would teach using terms such as verb-ed modifiers, verb-ing modifiers, noun+noun modifiers etc). All the appositives, gerunds, reflexives and infinitives can take a toss in front of your methodology. With each session, my confidence grew and so did my accuracy.
Glad to hear that. How about CR?
Rajat’s CR sessions were superb and the concept of pre-thinking is absolutely a gold mine. The negation test and variance analysis actually helped me during my exam.
Were there any other aspects of the course that you’d like to mention?
Yes – the two amazing workshops which you conducted for the first time. I am GLAD you did that. They gave a real insight about my preparation trajectory and highlighted the areas I had to improve. I could get an accuracy of 88% on the OG12 SC section and 94% on the CR section.
What did you do differently this time that, according to you, played a crucial role in your tremendous score improvement?
I tracked my mistakes, analyzed every wrong choice as to why it was wrong, followed the 3-step process blindly, in short did everything you guys told me to do.
We’re quite glad the course helped you, Bhagawat. Is there anything else that you’d like to add for your fellow test takers?
People say it’s no magic to score well on GMAT and that you need to work very hard. I say, what e-GMAT does is pure MAGIC!
Thank you for your words of appreciation Bhagawat. It was nice speaking to you. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT team.
Prateek improved by 180 points and scored a 760 on the GMAT.

Prateek Batla

Hi Prateek. How did it feel after scoring a 760 on the GMAT?
It feels so good to score above your initial expectation. Hard work and consistency paid off.
This is your third attempt. Can you tell us what happened in your first attempt?
I first gave a mock to assess my level (Q49, V25). I was good in quant but I needed to improve verbal a lot. I struggled with a lot of books and was stuck at a 50% accuracy. Although I was enrolled for e-GMAT, I didn’t utilise it properly as I wasn’t very methodical in my preparation during this attempt. As a result I scored only a 580 in my first attempt.
What about your second and third attempts?
I started preparing more methodically using the course and following the study plan. My basics were in place during my second attempt and so I was able to score a 700. However, I wanted to score a 750+ and therefore, I practiced more questions using the approach taught in the course and eventually I was able to score 760 – improving to a V41.
What according to you were the key aspects that helped you in your preparation?
Key for me was my basics improved with this course, and then I did tons of practice with strong basics. I tried studying from other popular course guides, but for me it didn’t helped much.
What aspects of e-GMAT helped you?
Best thing about this e-gmat course for me is it is really interesting and keeps you hooked through visualization and short animated lectures, with tons of practice before and after the lecture. The written e-gmat articles are even more helpful. I just liked everything about this course, including the verbal workshops that I got to attend, integrated reasoning course that came free with this and the GMAT Club membership that I got..
How was the support provided to you?
The support team is very responsive and e-GMAT also provided strategy support to students when they need it. For example, after my first attempt, I reached out to e-GMAT seeking guidance. I received a spread sheet in return seeking my scores in their course quizzes, if I completed my full exercises per the study plan, and most importantly if I am applying the three step process they are teaching. This process acted as a real eye opener and I was able to focus on the key areas required to improve and reach my target score.
That’s wonderful to hear, Prateek. Anything else that you’d like to add?
e-GMAT Verbal Online is surely one of the best courses out there. Thank you Team e-GMAT.
Thank you for your appreciation, Prateek. Wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Adam score 700 on the GMAT, improving by 210 points!

Adam Livak

Hi Adam. You have seen a dramatic improvement in your GMAT score in this attempt. What happened in the first two attempts?
Before e-GMAT, I scored a 490 and a 530 on my previous attempts with a verbal score of 26, and I was devastated. I had used MGMAT’s full book series for the first attempt and added in Magoosh’s online prep for the second. After recovering from the results, I decided I would take the GMAT one last time. However, I was really in need of the right approach and methodology to tackle the GMAT.
As a native speaker, what prompted you to opt for e-GMAT?
Initially, I wasn’t sure whether e-GMAT works for me as I am a native speaker. However, after a bit more of research, I decided to go through their free trial and attend their free webinars. I realized that their teaching methodology works for anyone struggling with verbal in general. I immediately subscribed to their Verbal Live Prep course.
How did the approach at e-GMAT help you in your preparation? Is there anything specific that you followed in your preparation?
The approach and methodologies used to learn the concepts and solve the questions are without a doubt the reason for my verbal improvement. To get the most out of the live sessions, I made sure to complete the pre-requisites for the session so that the instructor can help you identify and address your true weaknesses. Speaking from experience, I can confidently say that live feedback such as this can really benefit your overall prep.
What aspects of the course helped in your preparation?
The course is carefully designed to help inculcate concepts, track progress and learn the application. This helps the learner to ensure progressive learning.
Can you give an example?
For example, at the end of each concept you are given a quiz. The quiz is not just a bunch of GMAT-like questions. It is a specialized quiz to reinforce what you have just learned. This is just one example. The course has been very well-designed keeping the average test taker in mind.
How much improvement did you see from the course?
I noticed a sharp spike in my verbal accuracy after completing this course and eventually, I scored a 700 with a V35 – a 9-point Verbal score improvement.I would strongly recommend the Verbal Live Prep course for anyone seeking an increase, big or small, in verbal score.
What advice would you give to your fellow GMAT aspirants?
Do not be afraid to go through all the verbal concepts more than once, if you feel the need to do so. Use the video concepts and recordings as many times as needed!
Everyone has specific needs for effective preparation. For me, I needed interaction, videos, and hands on learning content, and Verbal Live Prep is the go-to course for these.
Shekhar aces the GMAT with 770!


Hi Shekhar, Congratulations on scoring a whopping 770! How does it feel to achieve your dream score?
Very happy and quite relieved, frankly, having improved from a mere 600 in my first attempt.
Can you tell us a bit about your first attempt at the GMAT?
While preparing for my first attempt, my primary source for reference material was second hand advice from friends who had taken the exam recently and had scored about 640-50. I purchased the full course from Economist and finished it, took their mocks, and some more free mocks from Manhattan and GMAT Prep.
According to you, what went wrong with your first attempt?
My preparation should have been more methodical and planned. The course from Economist was not really something one can use to aim beyond a 650. Moreover, I had some personal issues at that time. So, all of these aspects had a compounded effect on my performance, and I ended up with a 600.
How did you come across e-GMAT for your preparation?
For my second attempt, I had a study partner with whom I tried MGMAT books. However, when I tried the Manhattan quant guides I found them just too boring. With my research I finally decided that I would buy the e-GMAT’s GMAT Online – the online self-learning course for both Quant and Verbal – in April of 2016. This probably is the best decision I made in my GMAT journey.
How did you find the Quant portion of the course?
I liked the structured approach in the course and also the quick results it produced. The course made me focus on a single thing – getting the application right – without any confusion.
Did you find Quant Scholaranium helpful?
Scholaranium is a must-have tool for any GMAT aspirant. I was usually decent in quant apart from some silly mistakes. So, I found Manhattan books too easy. However, Scholaranium kept me on the ground by throwing quite a few challenging problems – especially helpful for anyone targeting a Q50 or Q51.
How was your experience using the Verbal portion of the course?
I quickly realized that the rave reviews for e-GMAT Verbal are not unfounded. I started learning the concepts from the course and practiced the concepts in Scholaranium. In 2 months, I improved my accuracy from 45 % to 83 %.
That’s great Shekhar. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
After learning the concepts taught in the course, practice using the processes prescribed in the course and you’re sure to get a Q50 or Q51. In my case, after using this course for around 3 months, I scored a Q50 in my second attempt – a whopping 10-point improvement in Quant.
Gautam improves by 100 points and scores a 720 on the GMAT

Gautam Singha

Hi Gautam. Why did you opt for e-GMAT’s Verbal Live Prep course?
After a V30, I realized I needed to improve in the Verbal section. Being a working professional, I could only study for 45-60 minutes a day. So, I needed a course that could provide me the flexibility to prepare at my convenience. That’s when I enrolled in Verbal Live Prep.
Can you tell us a bit about your preparation?
Since I could only study for 45 to 60 mins a day, I prepared my own strategy based on e-GMAT’s first strategy session and followed it using the course materials. I diligently followed the e-GMAT process, specially for RC. I took time to understand the passage and map the passage – rest was easy! After finishing the course, I attended the second strategy session of e-GMAT and understood the concept of TAKT TIME and started implementing it in my mocks.
Were there any other aspects of e-GMAT courses that you’d like to mention?
I absolutely loved the well-structured course. The audio-visual format is a great time saver for working professionals. The live prep sessions were very lively and detail oriented. I can confidently say that e-GMAT course and process played a crucial role in improving my score from V30 to V41.
Thank you, Gautam. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT.