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Rishi scores a 740 with Q50, V40 on the GMAT

Rishi Nag

Hi Rishi. Can you tell us a bit about your preparation before joining e-GMAT?
Before joining e-GMAT, SC was the biggest problem area for me; although I had completed MGMAT Sentence Correction guide numerous times, I could not score above V28 in my first attempt.
How was your preparation after enrolling in e-GMAT’s SC course?
After my first attempt, I took a break for a couple of months and then joined e-GMAT SC. I must say, I was amazed to see my verbal accuracy improve significantly in a span of less than a month.
Did you do anything else for SC?
No. I did nothing but e-GMAT SC course along with OG and OG Verbal Review. I can wholeheartedly say that this course was the key for my 740 score.
That’s great, Rishi. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
e-GMAT SC is a gold mine! This course helped me improve from V28 to V40 in 30 days!
Thank you. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors!
Thank you team.
Rohit scores a GMAT 730!

Rohit Nair

Hi Rohit. How was your experience using the SC portion of the course?
After finishing just 2 levels of SC course, my verbal score jumped by around 5 points and the number of SC mistakes per mock test dropped from 8 per test to less than 4 per test.
That’s great! How about CR and RC portions?
The CR course really helped get my thought process right and fixed my CR basics problem. The data provided helped me understand that I made 70% of my mistakes in the Weaken and Inference CR questions. This helped me focus on these particular modules to improve my score further.
The RC module was excellent too. The reading strategies helped me decipher complex passages easily.
What other aspects of the course did you like?
I would like to comment on the IR course as well. Not many people focus on IR, but I found that the Integrated Reasoning section of e-GMAT is extremely detailed and covers a large number of problems of varied types. This helped me a lot.
Glad that the course helped you, Rohit. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
In less than 4 days, I noticed a considerable improvement in my accuracy while attempting the OG questions. Overall, I would highly recommend the e-GMAT course to EVERY non-native. It’s a wonderful investment for an excellent verbal score.
Thank you Rohit. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.
Thank you Team e-GMAT.
Nishant scores a 690 on the GMAT

Nishant Sahni

Hi Nishant. When did you start using the SC course?
I studied SC course just 10 days before my exam. Just this preparation helped me improve from a V28 in my previous attempt to a V34 in this attempt – 6 Verbal points in just 10 days!
That’s amazing! What aspects of the course did you like?
The SC course is amazing! The concepts were explained methodically and from the basics. This helped the concepts get hard coded in memory. e-GMAT approach to tackle the questions is awesome, and with practice speed increases too once you get used to the approach.
Did you try any other e-GMAT courses?
Unfortunately no. Although I had access to the CR course as well, I was so happy with my improvements in SC (thanks to e-GMAT SC course) that I didn’t focus on any other sections. However, in hind sight, I believe if I had worked on CR study material too, I would have scored much more in the Verbal section.
Thank you for your time, Nishant. Good luck with your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT.
Nikolay improves Verbal and scores 680 on the GMAT.

Nikolay Kovarski

Hi Nikolay. How was your experience using e-GMAT courses?
I absolutely loved the explanations through pictures and structures and I found e-GMAT approach much more comprehensive. I was really surprised to find A LOT OF new material about SC even after I had read SC MGMAT at least 3 times and thought that I knew everything about grammar.
Did you like anything specific to the e-GMAT SC course?
e-GMAT SC course explained in detail not just rules but the exact rules that are tested on GMAT and gives very precise and comprehensive explanation of OG12 questions.
How did you feel after completing the course?
After completing the course, I felt very confident in my Verbal ability. In fact, after the course, I didn’t have any questions that I could not understand in SC.
That’s wonderful, Nikolay. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
Thank you for your brilliant materials and excellent method you use to teach SC and CR. My verbal score improvement from V33 to V38 was possible only because of excellent materials of e-GMAT.
Thank you, Nikolay. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors!
Thank you e-GMAT.
Pulkit scores a 700 on the GMAT

Pulkit Yadav

Hi Pulkit. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your preparation?
I am from an engineering background. Being an engineer, I never faced an issue with Quant. So, for my GMAT, I knew that I had to solely concentrate on Verbal. I started researching on best material available online.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
I came across e-GMAT on GMAT Club. After attending a few demo workshops by e-gmat. I realized e-gmat is the best option available for me. After purchasing the course, I diligently followed the material. This is how I was able to score a 700 in 2 weeks.
What aspects did you like in e-GMAT courses?
I loved the courses – especially the SC course. I can guarantee that no one else can make SC simpler than e-gmat. The audio visual files followed by Short Quizzes for assessing the weaknesses and conceptual gaps was one key aspect that helped me throughout my preparation. The difficulty level of the questions was also fair not too high not too low.
Was Scholaranium helpful to you?
The best part of the course is Scholaranium, which has gold quality questions. One CANNOT go wrong in actual GMAT if he/she has properly utilized Scholaranium.
Would you like to give any advice to your fellow test takers?
I’ll recommend everyone who wants to ace GMAT verbal to go for e-gmat without any hesitation.
Thank you for your kind words, Pulkit. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thanks to all e-GMAT instructors (Rajat, Payal, Krishna & Shraddha) for their constant support and feedback throughout my preparation.