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Ayesha scores a 610, improving by 120 points on the GMAT

Ayesha Sheth

Hi Ayesha. How was your GMAT preparation before joining e-GMAT?
Previously, I attempted the GMAT thrice, ending up with scores of 480, 400, and 490. I couldn’t cross even a 500.
What aspects of the course did you like?
The course videos are just too good. The process taught in the course was excellent. It helped me find the mistakes and correct them without even looking at the choices. In RC, I particularly learned how to take notes, pre-thinking the answers for the questions asked, and to pay attention to each and every word in the choices. I realized that you retain more when you see and hear something than when you just read.
How was your experience taking the GMAT after completing the course?
For the first time I was able to look at the question know what’s wrong and mark the answer straight away. This saved a lot of time for me in the examination.
That’s great, Ayesha. It was nice speaking to you and good luck with your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT.
Sourav scores a GMAT 710!

Sourav Debnath

Hi Sourav. Congratulations on scoring 710. How does it feel to reach your target score?
Feels great, I must say.
How did e-GMAT help you?
After I subscribed to e-GMAT course I realized my shortfalls in my verbal strategy. I got everything I needed to crack SC and RC.
What aspects of the course helped you in the Verbal section?
Knowledge of sentence structure and attacking SC question by splitting the clauses was the key in improving on SC. The RC strategy too worked very well for me. Needless to say, pre-thinking was the key to my success in CR.
Glad to know that the course helped you Sourav. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
A ton of thanks to the ace teachers of e-GMAT (Rajat, Payal & Shraddha)! I fully attribute my verbal success – V23 to V40 – to e-GMAT.
Thank you for your words, Sourav. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Thank you team e-GMAT.