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Sumeet scores a 730 on GMAT

Sumeet Vatsa

Hi Sumeet. Congratulations on scoring a 730.
Thank you, e-GMAT team.
How was your preparation before e-GMAT?
I have studied from MGMAT SC guide extensively for my previous attempt. However, I could not fill the conceptual gaps and ended up with a V33 – much below my target score.
What aspects of the e-GMAT course, according to you, made the difference in your preparation?
Multiple aspects of the course such as the rich content, well placed examples, the amazing audio-visual lessons, the application files, and the coverage of concepts, etc. played crucial role in my scoring a V39 in my next attempt!
Glad the course helped you, Sumeet. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
I give majority of credit to e-GMAT for my verbal score jump from 67%ile to 88%ile – for non-natives, verbal preparation is incomplete without e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep.
Thank you, Sumeet. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT. Wish you all the best too!
Arun scored a 760 on the GMAT

Arun Goenka

Hi Arun. Can you tell us a bit about your initial GMAT preparation?
When I started my GMAT preparation, I targeted to take the GMAT within 3 months. However, my score in the diagnostic test made me aware that I needed additional help on the Verbal section. I have used Manhattan and Kaplan materials for verbal preparation, but these have not helped in improving my verbal score beyond 36.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
After some research on GMAT Club, I came across e-GMAT. I enrolled for the Verbal Online course and within few weeks of preparation with the course, I started seeing improvement in my sentence correction accuracy – which increased steadily from 50% to 85+%.
Were the CR and RC portions of the course helpful too?
Yes. Definitely. RC and CR sections of this course were also very helpful in my preparation and were crucial in boosting my score.
Would you like to add anything else?
e-GMAT course makes the verbal section much more logical and understandable. This course removed much of guesswork that I earlier used in this section. I found the e-GMAT way of audio visual learning modules along with pre and post tests after each concept is much more helpful than just reading books. This course helped me in pushing my verbal score from 35 (mock) to 41 and I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve in the Verbal section.
Thank you Arun. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.
Thank you Team e-GMAT.
Adam score 700 on the GMAT, improving by 210 points!

Adam Livak

Hi Adam. You have seen a dramatic improvement in your GMAT score in this attempt. What happened in the first two attempts?
Before e-GMAT, I scored a 490 and a 530 on my previous attempts with a verbal score of 26, and I was devastated. I had used MGMAT’s full book series for the first attempt and added in Magoosh’s online prep for the second. After recovering from the results, I decided I would take the GMAT one last time. However, I was really in need of the right approach and methodology to tackle the GMAT.
As a native speaker, what prompted you to opt for e-GMAT?
Initially, I wasn’t sure whether e-GMAT works for me as I am a native speaker. However, after a bit more of research, I decided to go through their free trial and attend their free webinars. I realized that their teaching methodology works for anyone struggling with verbal in general. I immediately subscribed to their Verbal Live Prep course.
How did the approach at e-GMAT help you in your preparation? Is there anything specific that you followed in your preparation?
The approach and methodologies used to learn the concepts and solve the questions are without a doubt the reason for my verbal improvement. To get the most out of the live sessions, I made sure to complete the pre-requisites for the session so that the instructor can help you identify and address your true weaknesses. Speaking from experience, I can confidently say that live feedback such as this can really benefit your overall prep.
What aspects of the course helped in your preparation?
The course is carefully designed to help inculcate concepts, track progress and learn the application. This helps the learner to ensure progressive learning.
Can you give an example?
For example, at the end of each concept you are given a quiz. The quiz is not just a bunch of GMAT-like questions. It is a specialized quiz to reinforce what you have just learned. This is just one example. The course has been very well-designed keeping the average test taker in mind.
How much improvement did you see from the course?
I noticed a sharp spike in my verbal accuracy after completing this course and eventually, I scored a 700 with a V35 – a 9-point Verbal score improvement.I would strongly recommend the Verbal Live Prep course for anyone seeking an increase, big or small, in verbal score.
What advice would you give to your fellow GMAT aspirants?
Do not be afraid to go through all the verbal concepts more than once, if you feel the need to do so. Use the video concepts and recordings as many times as needed!
Everyone has specific needs for effective preparation. For me, I needed interaction, videos, and hands on learning content, and Verbal Live Prep is the go-to course for these.
Gobi Selvaraj scored a 700 and recommends e-GMAT course.

Gobi Selvaraj

Hi Gobi, can you tell us about your preparation before enrolling for Quant Live Prep?
For my first attempt, I signed up for a Bangalore based test prep company and studied for more than 7 months. However, I ended up with a 530 (Q40, V23).
What aspects do you think went wrong with your preparation for the first attempt?
Firstly, the concepts were not taught properly. Even basic concepts were ignored and focus was maintained only on solving complex problems. Moreover, they taught shortcuts for each problem and so there was no consistent approach. At the end, I realized that I didn’t learn anything substantial.
From your experience, can you tell us the extent to which the shortcut approaches worked?
I realized that shortcuts do not help in learning the concepts. Moreover, the shortcuts taught to me worked only on some select problems. Eventually, I ended up scoring a Q40 on the actual GMAT since I couldn’t answer most of the questions.
How did you find Quant Live Prep?
For my second attempt, I was initially enrolled for Verbal Live Prep and saw a significant improvement in my Verbal accuracy. So, I decided to invest in e-GMAT for my Quant preparation and bought their Quant Live Prep course. I soon realized that this has been the best investment I have made so far in my life.
How was your experience using Quant Live Prep?
I have been out of college for almost 7-8 years now, so my quant is quite rusty. QLP course was very helpful to teach me all math concepts required for GMAT exam. I digested all the concepts very clearly and had a standard approach for each question type. Even though it took little longer to apply the standard approach for each problem, it helped me improve my accuracy significantly.
Thank you Gobi. Would you like to add anything for your fellow test takers?
After learning the concepts taught in the course, practice using the processes prescribed in the course and you’re sure to get a Q50 or Q51. In my case, after using this course for around 3 months, I scored a Q50 in my second attempt – a whopping 10-point improvement in Quant.
That’s wonderful to hear, Gobi. Good luck for your future endeavors
Thank you team e-GMAT.
Chinmay scores a 700 on the GMAT

Chinmay Adhvaryu

Hi Chinmay. How was your preparation before joining in e-GMAT courses?
As such, I was decent in the Verbal section. I scored a V34 in my first three attempts. However, I couldn’t improve beyond V34. Essentially, I was missing guidance in leveraging my strengths and working on my weak areas.
How was your experience with the course materials?
I really liked the material. It has clearly defined modules that really helped to focus on just the weak parts and save plenty of time. The videos are short enough that you can go over them and quickly check your knowledge wherever you want.
By how many points did you improve in verbal after using the course?
In 22 days I went from 34 (in last 3 attempts) to 38 in my fourth attempt by using e-GMAT SC and CR courses!
That’s amazing. Would you like to add anything else for your fellow test takers?
It doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not. If you want to increase your verbal score at least by 4 points you should seriously consider this course. I found this to be the best impact course out there.
Thank you, Chinmay. It was nice speaking to you.
Thank you e-GMAT for your hard work and excellent course design.