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Rajat Sadana

Rajat, author of 5 patents and GMATClub’s #3 rated expert, believes that technology, when applied to a well-defined problem, can lead to unbelievable results. He has helped grow Honeywell’s wireless business from $2M to $25M. At e-GMAT, Rajat sets the direction for the future fusion of learning with technology


Shantanu Gera

Shantanu – the technology wizard – leads the technology team at e-GMAT. A firm believer in the significance of technology in transforming the impact of online education, he personalized and gamified several platforms in order to help students achieve unparalleled insights into their preparation. Scholaranium platform is a well-known example for the same.


Nayeem Noor

“Curiosity about all aspects of life is the key to a Creative Mind” defines Nayeem. He is the Creative lead and Branding expert who is responsible for branding and advertisement creatives. His creativity and avidity helped him to recognize, understand, and design fresh approaches to advertising and branding.

Himanshu_profile 1

Himanshu Gond

Himanshu always strives for perfection in his products and firmly believes in the words “There is always scope for improvement. You just need to look for it at the right places.” He believes that focus on learning is the most important trait required to grow in both personal life and professional life. With his love for innovative and creative ideas, he constantly strives to build world-class products.