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Ashima Gautam

An IIM graduate and an experienced Solution Provider, Ashima is a Strategy Expert at e-GMAT who abides by the words “Your life is a reflection of what you think you deserve.”, and as a result, is a firm believer of continuous improvement and a life-long pursuer of perfection. Sharp-focused and consistent with the quality of her output, Ashima is also passionate about Kathak, an Indian Classical Dance form, and brings in that elegance into her work as well.


Komal Shah

Komal strives to chase efficiency and perfection as a GMAT aspirant chases the perfect 800 score! She believes in making a difference in the lives of students and in doing whatever it takes to make it a win-win situation both for the students and for the entire team she collaborates with. For anyone who asks Komal the secret behind her constant success, her reply is “Never Give Up!”


Sundeep Eddu

A post graduate from IIM Indore and a former banker who believes that nothing is impossible Sundeep sums up his outlook towards life in a simple – yet profound – statement: “Continuous improvement and learning is the essence of a quality life”. At e-GMAT, Sundeep loves to work closely with students to guide them towards success, identifying their problems, creating custom strategies & study plans, and helping them reach their target scores.