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Himanshu Gond

Himanshu always strives for perfection in his products and firmly believes in the words “There is always scope for improvement. You just need to look for it at the right places.” He believes that focus on learning is the most important trait required to grow in both personal life and professional life. With his love for innovative and creative ideas, he constantly strives to build world-class products.


Bratati Roy

A core member of the e-Learning team, Bratati is an MBA graduate from IIT Roorkee. She puts her creative right brain to work along with her logical left brain to create world-class learning modules at e-GMAT using instructional graphics, helping numerous GMAT aspirants in achieving their goals.


Sujeev Kumar

A graduate from IIT Roorkee, Sujeev believes that teaching a concept should never be complicated. With this belief and his passion for creative design, Sujeev puts his heart into creating beautiful and interactive e-learning courses. Sujeev’s passion is to make learning an enjoyable experience for e-GMAT students.