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A. P.

A. P. is e-GMAT’s core architect. He constantly looks for means to provide more targeted learning and practice to our users. Abhi is a serial inventor. His recent invention – an automated curtain control system for 20-feet tall curtains – was built using parts from a toy car


Atul Kumar

A post graduate from IIT Roorkee, Atul leads the ELE team groomed at e-GMAT. Using his seasoned project management skills, he has played a crucial role in the design and development of e-GMAT Quant, SC, and Master Comprehension courses, and is passionate about creating the next generation e-learning methodology.


Payal Tandon

GMAT Club’s top rated expert, Payal is e-GMAT’s master course creator. She is passionate about making learning effective for all and constantly invents innovative ways to help students succeed. She invented the meaning based approach in Sentence Correction, built the Prethinking approach, and designed the reading strategies for RC.