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In order to make you self-sufficient and educate you on the important aspects for your preparation we have created the session – How to Create your Study Plan for GMAT. We also call this session – GMAT Strategy Session 1.

So as a first step, we recommend our students to go through the recording of this session (link below) carefully and ensure that they are clear with the aspects discussed in the recording. This will give you a good idea about how to start your preparation.

You can watch the recording of Strategy Session 1 from here

Note: Recording takes 45 seconds to start

We have also created the following pages for helping you start and plan your preparation properly. Please review them very carefully.

Live Prep Students:

We have also created the following pages for helping you start and plan your preparation properly. Please review them very carefully.


Yes, you can re-attempt the questions on Scholaranium. There are 2 ways to do this:

Option 1: Re-attempt a complete Quiz

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Scholaranium and click on ‘Attempts’ on the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select the quiz you want to re-attempt.
  3. Click on the ‘Replay’ button.

Option 2: Create custom quiz with ‘Answered and Unanswered’ questions

You can also create a custom quiz from your dashboard to re-attempt the questions. Under the ‘Question Pool’ field, select the ‘Answered and Unanswered’ option. This will include questions from both answered and unanswered pool.


Skill Data is one section in Scholaranium that most students ignore during their preparation. However, when the data in this section is analyzed and put to good use, one can fine tune one’s preparation to a very good degree.

So, we would encourage you to visit the “Skill Data” section in your Scholaranium dashboard to analyze and understand your preparation.


Custom quizzes can be used to re-attempt answered questions and evaluate your present ability levels. Follow these steps to create a custom quiz:

  1. Open Scholaranium (Verbal or Quant), and click on ‘Create Custom Quiz’.
  2. Fill in the desired name for the quiz under ‘Quiz Name’.
  3. Select the question pool, question type, difficulty of questions and type of questions.
  4. Under the ‘Sections’, select the topics and number of questions you want to include in the quiz.
  5. Enter the time duration of the quiz and click on ‘Start Quiz’.

Options may change according to the availability of questions.

Since a common pool of questions is shared between Ability Quizzes and Custom Quizzes, we recommend that you do not use custom quizzes with too many previously unattempted questions as doing so can run a risk of negatively affecting the number of ability quizzes available to you.


e-GMAT is the only company that hires its instructors on a full-time basis. This investment in our instructors ensures that they are completely dedicated to creating, enhancing, and supporting our online offerings.

All our instructors who teach you the concepts are also the creators of e-GMAT courses. We believe no one can explain the concepts better than the creators themselves. Each faculty in e-GMAT does 100+ hours of research every month to make our courses impeccable.

On GMATClub, students review various instructors on the basis of their teaching quality. Out of the 5 Top Rated instructors on GMAT Club, 4 are e-GMAT instructors!