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Ideally, we do not recommend a working professional to study Quant and Verbal in parallel as it is difficult for a working professional to devote a significant amount of time for his/her preparation.

Basically, whether you should study Quant and Verbal in parallel depends on how much time are you devoting towards your GMAT preparation. If you are studying for say 1.5-2 hours daily, five to six days in a week, it is not advisable to take up Quant and Verbal in parallel. Start with one of them and finish it, and only then move on to the next one.

However, if you can devote 4-5 hours (or even more) daily for your regular study sessions, then you can take up both Quant and Verbal in parallel, dividing the time between them depending upon your study plan. 

The bottom line is that you need to make sure the quality of your preparation in either section is not hampered by your decision to prepare in parallel.


As mentioned in the Strategy Session 1, one should first complete a specific section and only then move on to other sections.

You can watch the recording of Strategy Session 1 from here: GMAT Strategy Session 1.

This implies that you should NOT do SC and CR sections together. If you are preparing for SC, then focus only on SC. Likewise if you are preparing for CR, then focus only on CR.

For effective preparation, follow the guidelines provided in Strategy Session 1.



We recommend that you start with SC or CR. Once you complete SC and CR sections, then you should start with your RC preparation.


We recommend that you start with either Number Properties or Algebra. Once you complete both Number Properties and Algebra sections, then you can complete the remaining three sections in any order of your choice: Geometry, Word Problems, and Advanced Topics.


If you’re live prep student and if you want to prepare along with the live sessions (instead of using the recordings), then it is advisable to complete your course in the same order as the live sessions are scheduled.