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We are a pure play GMAT preparation company and do not provide any direct support for admissions consulting. If you are looking for any suggestions, you can consider MyEssayReview (

You may contact Poonam through

Before reaching out to Poonam, please refer to the following links to get an understanding of MyEssayReview services:

The services provided by MyEssayReview are very good and many e-GMATers have benefited using their services in the past. You can mention that you are an e-GMAT student when contacting MyEssayReview.


We understand that you’d like to jot down some of your thoughts during your preparation and that you need easy access to these notes without having to go to multiple places.

To help you out with the same, we provide access to all the notes that you would make on various questions in a single location. Simply click on the My Info button on the top right corner of your dashboard, and once you’re on the My Info page, click on the Notes option visible to you and select the appropriate notes section that you’d like to view. It is as simple as that.☺


If you answer ‘Yes’ to all the below questions, then you are ready to move on to the next block in the course!

  1. Have you done a good analysis of all the questions in the Assessment block? Hallmarks of a good analysis:

    1. Checked that you got a question right for the right reasons
    2. Checked why you got a question wrong
    3. Logged the mistakes made by you in a notebook/online notebook

  2. Have you solved all the OG questions on that topic?

  3. Have you done a good analysis of all the OG Questions? Hallmarks of a good analysis are same as above.