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Yes. You are definitely eligible for a score improvement guarantee as long as you haven’t taken the GMAT after purchasing the Online course. This means your previous GMAT attempt date should be before the purchase date of your online course for you to be eligible for a score improvement guarantee through upgrade.

You can read the terms and conditions of the Score Improvement Guarantee on this page.


Yes, you can revise the selected portions of the concept files.

To revise a concept file, open the pertinent file. Now click on the ‘MENU’ button on top right corner of the file. You will see a dropdown menu with navigation options to different parts of the file. Select any one of these.


If you’re an e-GMAT student, you DO NOT need to register for the live sessions batch.

You can attend the sessions in any batch as long as your access is valid (six months from the date of purchase).

All you need to do is follow the study plan in conjunction with your live sessions calendar and attempt the course. To know to how to access live sessions, please Click here and refer to S No. 2.

pricing 2

1. Diagnostic Test for Sentence Correction containing 15 questions

2. Basics of Sentence Structure – 3 concepts . These concepts build your foundation for understanding sentence constructions. This foundation is very helpful in analyzing long sentences commonly used in SC questions.

3. Basic Concepts – 5 concepts. Through these concepts such as Subject Verb Agreement, Verb Tenses, Pronouns etc you will be able to gauge how e-GMAT teaches basic concepts to build a strong foundation. You will notice that each concept file begins with a pre-assessment test to test your current skill level, detailed concept explanation with examples to teach you the concept, and lastly post-assessment test with detailed solutions to test your skill level after going through the concept.

4. Advanced Topic – Modifier – Verb-ing Concept – 1 concept – Through this concept you will gauge how e-GMAT simplifies a complex topic such as verb-ing modifiers and provides the student with easy to remember key points.

5. A Sample Application File – 1 concept – This file will introduce you to the standard 3-step e-GMAT process that is used to solve all SC questions. This process is used in all application files. Our customers who have followed this process to solve SC questions have experienced a marked improvement in their accuracy.

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