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We have optimized all audio-visual content so that you can view it seamlessly as long as you have a stable internet connection speed of at least 64 Kbps.

You may notice that at lower speeds it may take 30-45 seconds for the content to load, but once the content starts to play, it will continue to play smoothly.


We recommend that you solve OG questions at the right time after reviewing a certain set of concepts and solving the prescribed application and practice files. Please follow the study plan to know the sequence in which various activities in your course need to be attempted.

You may find the list of OG Questions to be attempted at the appropriate time in the course itself. Simply look for the file that has “OG Quiz/ Official questions” in its name.


The workshop is to be attended only after completing the course. This is because in the workshop, we share a relative analysis (among all participants), and a student would be able to assess his/her relative performance in the true sense only when he/she is thorough with the course content. Also, the content of the workshops remains the same. So, attending the workshop a second time will not give you a true picture of your relative standing in the group.

Please write to for any further clarifications related to the workshop.