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Unfortunately, because of copyright issues, we cannot provide you the content of official questions. However, to help you sail smoothly through your preparation, we provide carefully curated list of official questions that you need to practice after learning each topic. This helps you cement your understanding and gain the much needed confidence in that topic.

We provide detailed solutions for almost every OG SC question and for every hard difficulty level official CR questions that provide you insights into how to solve official questions like a GMAT expert!

Additionally, our experts have addressed numerous queries related to practically every official question. So, you can sift through the existing discussions to get an instant clarification for any of your queries. You may also choose to pose any unresolved query to our experts so that they can guide you with the same.


For effective query resolution, we have made dedicated forums to discuss subject related queries. In fact, our experts have responded to more than 20,000 queries in these forums. This means that there is a very high chance that your query or a similar one has already been addressed. This also means that you can search through the existing discussion to get an instant resolution for your query. If you think your query is a completely new one, you can post the same in the forum and our experts will discuss the same with you to ensure that you are guided in the right direction to ace the GMAT!


Absolutely! Although it is extremely rare that a student does not like our course structure, we do have a 7-day return policy in place.

We shall refund your complete course fee, if you inform us within 7 days of your purchase date and if you have accessed the course for less than 7 hours (this duration is sufficient to watch 16 concept files).

All our instructors who teach you the concepts are also the creators of e-GMAT courses. We believe no one can explain the concepts better than the creators themselves. Each faculty in e-GMAT does 100+ hours of research every month to make our courses impeccable.


Scholaranium is our quizzing platform, which not only contains a pool of about 700+ Verbal and Quant questions each, but also provides you excellent analytics to help you isolate your weak areas from your strong ones.

It tells you why you are weak in a particular area – is it a conceptual gap or a gap in your preparation. Accordingly you can streamline your preparation. It not only tells you your accuracy and ability, but also tells you the sections you are weak at.

The Scholaranium along with the GMAT Planner will help you save close to 40 hours in your overall preparation.
It is the highest rated product on GMAT Club.

Each ability Quiz in Scholaranium is equivalent to a sectional mock. In fact, it is even better as it provides much better analytics than a mock.


You can find an illustrative comparison table for each online course compared with its corresponding live course in our plans & pricing pages. Click on the appropriate link below to view the comparison you wish to see:

Verbal Online vs. Verbal Live Prep

Quant Online vs. Quant Live Prep

GMAT Online vs. GMAT Live Prep

If you wish to seek further information regarding any of the above comparisons, feel free to drop a mail to