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Benefits of Live sessions

  • More application: The teach about 30% more application that is there is the Online course . (Note Online course already provides 4X as much application as a standard book would)
  • Faster improvement: A live dynamic environment – When you work with instructors they can point out your mistakes while you are working through the solutions. This can be very beneficial to students.
  • Tighter adherence to schedule: Note, to follow live sessions you do need to complete the course in time. Hence, you naturally work towards completing the course in 45 days.
  • Being a part of a community: When you become a part of our live batches, you join a cohort that keeps you motivated throughout your entire prep. Many students have found this very helpful.

Our Recommendation

Both Live and Online course are complete, cover everything, and are equally successful.  If time is not a constraint for you and you prefer the instructor-led live sessions go for Live Prep. If you prefer a self-paced course, go for Online.

Please feel free to write in case you need further clarifications.


Since we recommend everyone to focus on only section at a time, ideally only one of the live sessions will be pertinent to you.

However, in the rare case that both sessions are pertinent to your preparation at that point of time, attend any one of the Live session as per your study plan and, for the other session, you can watch the recording later.

There is absolutely no harm in watching the recordings. They are equally effective and beneficial.


Once you enroll for a Live Prep course, you are automatically eligible to attend any live session of that course during your course subscription period.

However, we recommend that you follow the study plan in conjunction with your live sessions calendar while going through the course.

You can view the latest calendar from here.