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Delhi, Bangalore, Remote

Quant Product Creator

Delhi, Bangalore, Remote

Quant Product Creator

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Delhi, Bangalore

Quant Product Creator

Delhi, Bangalore

Help e-GMAT become better than a private tutor as it forays into GRE, SAT, and the likes. As a Product Creator in e-GMAT's Success Business Unit, increase the chances of student success by codifying subject matter knowledge into robust products. Identify friction points as opportunities for improvement, plan and create solutions from the ground up, and iterate until your product reaches perfection.

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Commensurate with experience and at par with the best in the industry.

  • Actual Salary: INR 10 Lacs to 30 Lacs
  • Equity:  up to 20 Lacs over a 4-year period based on performance


  • Currently remote (owing to Covid)
  • Offices to open soon in Delhi and Bangalore

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is based on multiple rounds of submissions and interviews.  Read this post to get an overview of the hiring process at e-GMAT.

Compensation and Recruitment Process

Think of the best book that you have ever read.  Now recollect the profound impact that this book had on you.  Now pause and think about creating a product that is as impactful as that book but that has impact on life of not one but tens of thousands of people.
That is what a Product Creator at e-GMAT does.

About the job

Key Responsibilities

  1. Update GMAT Products 

    To increase student success, you will identify friction points for various student segments and update the GMAT products to improve student performance.

  2. Envision the next generation of xPERT architecture

    You will develop a deep sense of student segments and their learning paths and plan and execute enhancements to the current xPERT architecture to make learning simpler and efficient, consequently increasing student success.

  3. Create GRE and SAT Products

    Using the foundation of learning pedagogy of e-GMAT’s GMAT product, you will create products for GRE and SAT tests.

  4. Facilitate Student Success

    As part of Success Business Unit at e-GMAT, it is your responsibility to ensure student success.  To accomplish this, you will be involved in one or more of the following:
    1. Communicate improvement plans to the student:  By analyzing appropriate student analytics, you will identify specific weakness and accordingly prescribe and communicate improvement plan to the student.
    2. Live Sessions:  You will conduct live sessions/webinars for anywhere from 5 to 300 students with various intents ranging from imparting learning to administering diagnosis to providing workshops.  
    3. Forum Posts:  You will address student doubts in our internal forums.  
    4. Office Hours: You will hold regular weekly office hours to facilitate doubt clearing in live interaction.  

Key qualifications and skills

Anybody who has an undergraduate degree can apply for this job as long as you demonstrate the following skill set.  Note that through the various assignments in the selection process, we will observe evidence of the skills listed below.  

  1. Ability to think and reason logically 
  2. Ability to simplify problems and not get discouraged by the complexity of the problem
  3. Ability to do causal analysis and iterate to solidify the hypothesis
  4. Ability to communicate clearly and succinctly – ensuring that your message has been received as intended by the receiver.


If you have a logical mindset, ability to simplify things, and willingness to put in the effort, then we will teach you the methodology to become a Product Creator and provide you all the tools you would need and access to the team with whom you would build products.
Now why are we confident that we have it in us to transform you into a Product Creator – because creating products is what we do.  From day 1 about a decade ago till date, we live to create products that make achieving 90%ile on the GMAT a predictable journey – as predictable as going from point A to point B using Google maps for an area that is mapped out well by the GPS.  That is why it is not a surprise that we account for 60% of all success reported on the world’s largest GMAT community, GMAT Club.