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  1. Do you love teaching and ensuring that your students achieve their goals? 
  2. Do you have a knack of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and guiding them appropriately to reach their potential? 
  3. Do you love “talking to data”, understanding what it is telling you and accordingly taking appropriate actions? 
  4. Do you love taking on challenges such as reducing the time to address student doubts by 30%?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then read below to understand the roles and responsibilities of this job.

1. Overview

2. About e-GMAT

e-GMAT is on a mission to make online test prep more effective than studying with a private tutor. We plan to achieve this by building technology which when combined with our teaching pedagogy, makes learning more effective and personal, powering customer success. The stupendous success of our students is a testament to the success of our strategy and of 10-years of investment in pedagogy and technology. Two metrics demonstrate this success:

  1. Reviews:  We are GMAT Club’s most reviewed company. We have twice as many reviews as the next most popular company – GMAT Club. 
  2. Student Success Stories: 29% percent of test-takers who used any form of preparation material credited their success to e-GMAT. 

e-GMAT started in 2010 with one full time and two part-time co-founders and $10,000 in investment. We had 200 paying customers from 4 countries in our first calendar year. Today, we are a team of 40+ full-time people spread over two continents, and four locations. We have helped more than 50,000 from 60 countries achieve their target score and realize their dreams. 

If you passionate about empowering people’s dreams and changing their lives, then you should check out our job openings and evaluate if you are a fit. To succeed at e-GMAT, you need to be a lifelong learner, be ready to embrace change, and imbibe our values of honesty, persistence, and transparency.

3. Responsibilities

.1. Build a training system for Subject Matter (SM) team 
You will be responsible for the performance of your SM team, which includes both Verbal and Quant Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  You will be responsible to create and execute effective training plans to train your team of SMEs. 

2. Manager SM team 
The SM team is responsible for many day-to-day activities such as answering student doubts pertaining to the content, conducting live sessions, etc.  You will be responsible to manage resources for each of these activities

3. Track metrics of the SM team 
For each of the regular activities that the SM team performs, you will establish metrics and you will report the same to the management.  It is important to identify the correct metrics and track them on a routine basis so that any deviations from the regular functioning can be tracked and preemptive decisions can be taken so that there is no deterioration of service provided to our students. 

4. Process improvement 
At e-GMAT, we strive to continually improve our processes.   We strive to be better than our earlier version.  Accordingly, you will be responsible for identifying the opportunities of process improvement and once approved, you will plan and implement the same.

5. Conceptualize and create learning modules to multiply student success 
One of the key responsibilities of the SM team is to understand the problems that the students face and create content so that those gaps in understanding can be bridged.  You will be responsible to set up processes so that this responsibility is carried out in an efficient manner.  You will set up and track metrics to ensure that the SM efforts are leading to multiplication of student success.   

4. Skills 

To effectively carry out this job, you should have the following skillset at the minimum:

  1. Skilled verbal and/or quant expert 
    You should be a skilled expert in either Verbal or Quant section of the GMAT.  If you are skilled in both, then that is a plus.  Either way, you must have a logical way of approaching problems.  

  2. Skilled team manager 
    You should be skilled in managing your workforce to ensure that your team works in a well-coordinated manner with the intent to accomplish its goals.  
  3. Possess excellent communication skills 
    You should be skilled in written and spoken English.  This implies that any piece of content that you write should be structured well and should be written in grammatically correct English in order to communicate the intended message appropriately.  Likewise, this implies that you should be fluent in the English language so that you are confident to speak with everyone – be it your team, your colleagues or the students. 

  4. Project Management 
    You should be skilled in managing projects right from the concept stage to the close out stage.  You should have demonstrated evidence for the same.  

  5. Tool Knowledge 
    You should be adept at and have experience working with at least one of the dashboarding tools – Tableau, Power BI, etc.  Further, you should be adept at using the typical MS Office tools.

4.1 Bonus Points

The following experiences and capabilities can help your case if you
1. Have experience in building and scaling teams.
2. Have aced two or more competitive tests - GMAT/GRE/CAT etc.
3. Have taught in the past
4. Have been an entrepreneur 

Note: Please feel comfortable to apply if you don’t meet all the criteria for skills and experiences.



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Delhi, Bangalore

Director, Subject Matter Expert

Delhi, Bangalore

1. Compensation

  • Commensurate with experience and at par with the best in the industry.
  • Fixed component: 20 Lacs to 30 Lacs 
  • Equity and Bonus:  up to 50 Lacs over a 4-year period based on performance 

2. Location 

Delhi, Bangalore 

3. Education and Experience 

Education:  Bachelor’s degree (min), MBA preferred 

Experience: Min – 4 years.

6. Recruitment Process

Check out this blog post to know more about our hiring process. 

5. Compensation/ Location/ Experience