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If you have the mindset to help people, that is if you take pride in understanding the pain points of people, and then guide them to the right solution, then you would make a good fit as a Sales Manager at the most successful GMAT test prep company in the world. (The easy part is Sales since we produce more success than any other competitor out there) 
An e-GMAT Sales Manager provides answers to difficult questions. Every Sales Manager at e-GMAT first 
listens to the client patiently, and then asks appropriate questions to get the pertinent information, however the best sales managers have the knack of asking just the right question. Using this information, he/she then formulates the solution that would enable the student to obtain success.
Sales managers to sell to clients at e-GMAT, they transform clients’ lives.


1. Overview

2. About e-GMAT

e-GMAT is on a mission to make online test prep for diligent students more effective than studying with a private tutor; in fact, we are well on our way on this mission. We plan to achieve this by building technology that, when combined with our teaching pedagogy, makes learning more effective and personal, powering customer success. The stupendous success of our students is a testament to the success of our strategy and of 10-years of investment in pedagogy and technology. Two metrics demonstrate this success:

  1. 700+ scores verified: We have delivered more 700+ scores – about 10X as many as the average GMAT Club partner.  In fact, in 2021, we delivered 55% of all 700+ scores reported on the GMAT Club. Students from the remaining nine partners together accounted for 45% of the scores.
  2. Success rate: Statistically, only 10% of students score 700+. However, our Last Mile Push program has a success rate of 80% and a median score of 725. A majority of the 20% who fail end up being successful in a subsequent attempt. Bottom line – we have created a system that practically ensures success if you hit our internal metrics.

3. Key Responsibilities

  1. Converting prospects to customers (80% of your time)
    As a part of the sales team, your primary job will be to engage with the prospective customers through emails, phone, and other channels with the goal to help them make the right decision for their GMAT preparation.  By understanding student background and reviewing student data on our platform, you will give him/her appropriate guidance such that he/she is equipped to succeed. You will also have the upper hand since you have all the tech you need to show a client the true story. Sales calls are enlightenment for both the client and managers – the more problems you see, the more you know how to fix them.

  2. Improving processes through data (10% of your time) 
    Everything at e-GMAT is powered by data.  Accordingly, you will participate in process improvement initiatives in the Sales team with razor sharp focus on analytics, with the goal to create robust processes that increase conversions, helping more and more people reach their target GMAT scores.  

  3. Tracking metrics (10% of your time) 
    What does not get tracked cannot be improved.  The spirit of continuous improvement is in the very fabric of e-GMAT.  Accordingly, along with your primary job of converting prospects to customers, you will also be responsible for tracking sales metrics with the goal of building project-based reports with the aim to improve conversion.  

4. Key Skills

To grow in this role, you should have the following skillset at the minimum:

  1. Understand what it takes to make a sale 
    You should be an exceptional salesman yourself – you should have the ability to understand prospect’s needs and address the same succinctly.  Doing so requires that you understand e-GMAT’s offering so that you can match the needs of the prospect with the appropriate course features.  You should be skilled to ask the right questions so that you can get to the bottom of the pain points of the prospect.  Along the same lines, you should be able to evaluate when “e-GMAT” is not the best fit for a student and accordingly you should have the ability to say “no”.
    Patience is an under-rated skill in Sales but at e-GMAT every sales manager learns to let their client make the decision, once they intuit it themselves – they will be forever thankful.

  2. Possess excellent verbal skills 
    You should be skilled in written and spoken English.  This implies that any piece of content that you write should be structured well and written in grammatically correct English in order to communicate the intended message appropriately.  Likewise, this implies that you should be fluent in the English language so that you are confident to speak with everyone – be it your team, your colleagues, or the prospects.  You should be confident of recording videos for communicating your point across.

  3. In summary 
    We are looking at candidates with experience of at least 2 years. You must have an undergraduate degree, with proven academic record as indicated by a solid GPA. Other than that, we are looking for someone who has: 
    1. A logical, data-oriented, and analytical mindset
    2. Exceptional communication skills – both written and spoken.
    3. Excellent presentation and communication skills
    4. Demonstrated willingness to learn and go above and beyond

4.1 Bonus Points 

The following are not required, but you get extra credit for the same:

  1. Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from a top university/college
  2. Stellar scores in one or more of CAT/GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT
  3. Prior sales experience

Note: Please feel comfortable to apply if you don’t meet all the criteria for skills and experiences.



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Delhi, Bangalore

Associate Sales Manager/Sales Manager

Delhi, Bangalore

1. Compensation

  • Commensurate with experience and at par with the best in the industry.
  • Fixed component: INR 9 to 12 LPA (Yes, we pay our sales team way more in hard since we believe that sales is a function of thought, process, diligence, and attitude
  • Performance Bonus:  INR 1 to 4 LPA (Min threshold – 1 lac) 

2. Location 

  • Remote (Currently because of Covid) 
  • Delhi or Bangalore (post-Covid)

6. Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is based on multiple rounds of submissions and interviews.

5. Compensation/ Location/ Experience