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Does content marketing excite you as much as analytics and numbers? Can you write persuasive and engaging articles, and make them visible on search engines? Do you have an amazing command over written English? 
If the above resonate with you, then you should consider the role of SEO Manager at e-GMAT. 

1. Overview

2. About e-GMAT

e-GMAT is on a mission to make online test prep more effective than studying with a private tutor. We plan to achieve this by building technology which when combined with our teaching pedagogy, makes learning more effective and personal, powering customer success. The stupendous success of our students is a testament to the success of our strategy and of 10-years of investment in pedagogy and technology. Two metrics demonstrate this success:

  1. Reviews:  We are GMAT Club’s most reviewed company. We have twice as many reviews as the next most popular company – GMAT Club. 
  2. Student Success Stories: 29% percent of test-takers who used any form of preparation material credited their success to e-GMAT. 

e-GMAT started in 2010 with one full time and two part-time co-founders and $10,000 in investment. We had 200 paying customers from 4 countries in our first calendar year. Today, we are a team of 40+ full-time people spread over two continents, and four locations. We have helped more than 50,000 from 60 countries achieve their target score and realize their dreams. 
If you passionate about empowering people’s dreams and changing their lives, then you should check out our job openings and evaluate if you are a fit. To succeed at e-GMAT, you need to be a lifelong learner, be ready to embrace change, and imbibe our values of honesty, persistence, and transparency.

3. Key Responsibilities

Keywords Analysis:
Perform detailed keyword research by considering the existing SEO reach, do competitive benchmarking, and analyze search volumes to arrive at targeted keyword sets.

Content Creation: 
1.   Research industry- related topics (combining online resources, interviews and studies)
2.   Proofread, edit and update blog posts 
3.   Curate content and post on several channels 
4.   Write guest Posts on Quora and other Forums

Optimization and Reporting:  
1.   Engage in direct on-page and off-page optimization projects 
2.   Collect data and report on traffic, rankings and other SEO aspects. You will be working on the following (or similar tools):

                a.   Google Analytics 
                b.   SEMRush 
                c.   Kissmetrics 

4. Key Skills

  • Outstanding written skills: You should be able to organize information in a logically comprehendible fashion. In addition, you should know how to cite/write facts, and state logical deductions.
  • Research Skills: You should be able to read up, learn, and assimilate information on topics that you are not familiar about.
  • Communication skills: You should be able to communicate your point succinctly, outlining your thoughts in a logical fashion.
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and an inclination to explore the area in depth.

4.1 Extra Credit

The following are not required but you get extra credit for the same:  

  • Bachelor’s degree from a top undergraduate university 
  • Prior content writing experience as a writer/editor/blogger
  • Stellar scores in one or more of GMAT/GRE/CAT/SAT/ACT 

Note: Please feel free to apply even if you don’t meet all of the above criteria.   



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Delhi, Bangalore

SEO Manager, 


Delhi, Bangalore

1. Compensation

Commensurate with experience and at par with the best in the industry.

  • Fixed component: 8 Lacs to 12 Lacs  
  • Equity and Bonus:  up to 20 Lacs over a 4-year period based on performance 

      Note - We have 6 levels of performance grading 

2. Location 

Delhi, Bangalore 

3. Education and Experience 

Education:  Bachelor’s degree (min)

Experience: Min – 1 year.

4. Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is based on a written submission and an in-person assessment. Check out this blog post to know more about our hiring process. 

5. Compensation and Recruitment Process