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At e-GMAT, we work with 100,000 MBA aspirants every year. The MBA Communications Leader will communicate, in an engaging manner, the latest and greatest events, trends, and news in the GMAT, MBA, and post MBA career world.
For this role, must have an excellent ability to conduct primary and secondary research across  multiple sources,  and draw logical conclusions and present those in the form of a targeted communication strategy. Moreover, you should be able to express your opinion in a manner that evokes a response from anyone who reads it.  You should also display the judgement to envision topics relevant to MBA aspirants, and create videos, and polls on them.

As a communications leader, your goal is to act to attract anyone thinking about giving the GMAT or wanting to do an MBA to hear what we would like to say about it.

1. About the Job

2. About e-GMAT

e-GMAT is on a mission to make online test prep for diligent students more effective than studying with a private tutor; in fact, we are well on our way on this mission. We plan to achieve this by building technology that, when combined with our teaching pedagogy, makes learning more effective and personal, powering customer success. The stupendous success of our students is a testament to the success of our strategy and of 10-years of investment in pedagogy and technology. Two metrics demonstrate this success:

  1.  700+ scores verified: We have delivered more 700+ scores – about 10X as many as the average GMAT Club partner.  In fact, in 2021, we delivered 55% of all 700+ scores reported on the GMAT Club. Students from the remaining nine partners together accounted for 45% of the scores.
  2. Success rate: Statistically, only 10% of students score 700+. However, our Last Mile Push program has a success rate of 80% and a median score of 725. A majority of the 20% who fail end up being successful in a subsequent attempt. Bottom line – we have created a system that practically ensures success if you hit our internal metrics.

3. Key Responsibilities

  1. Communicate the latest and greatest in the GMAT and MBA world
    Using well-researched, logically opinionated, and engaging videos, you will communicate the latest and greatest headlines in the GMAT and MBA world. in the GMAT and MBA world. Your videos will be based on the research and updates published by the top- ranked business schools, the GMAC, and leading journals such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Times, etc. When it makes sense, you will also engage in primary research with our students and our partner MBA consultants.  
  2. Highlight GMAT, MBA, and Post MBA success of e-GMATers through one-on-one interviews 
    Our students report thousands of 700+ scores every year as well as admits to top business schools. Through one-on-one interviews, you will outline their journeys, highlighting relevant points that others could learn and benefit from. Working with the content team, you may publish their journeys as well. Deriving meaningful information and transmitting it through these videos is a key forte of a communications leader.
  3. Manage the Social Media community 
    Using different forms of engagement, you will interact with e-GMAT community members on YouTube and LinkedIn. 

4. Key Skills

To grow in this role, you should have the following skillset at the minimum:

  1. Solid Reasoning Skills 
    Our goal is to inform and educate our users. Hence, every claim you make should be backed by excellent reasoning or logical facts. Similarly, you will demonstrate your reasoning skills by preempting or addressing attacks/potential questions on your claims (also known as defense against weakener strategy). 

  2. Excellent screen presence, written, and spoken skills 
    Good content should be backed by excellent delivery. Hence, you should possess an excellent on-screen presence and should be able to deliver content backed by appropriate emotions. Moreover, you should also have excellent formal writing skills since this would be a daily part of your day. 

  3. Innovation  
    e-GMAT videos don’t ever look or sound the same. Through thematic, graphical, and tonal enhancements, you should be able to add variety to your videos and really engage with the emotional quotient of the members in your community



You should have an MBA or should have a bachelor's degree (Journalism / Marketing / Communications) and should have proven experience in the GMAT and MBA world.  A good GMAT score while not required is a big plus.

5. Educational Requirements



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Delhi, Bangalore

MBA Communications Leader 

Delhi, Bangalore

1. Compensation

  • Commensurate with experience and at par with the best in the industry. 
  • Fixed component: INR 14 to 30 Lacs
  • Performance Bonus:  INR 5 to 10 Lacs (Min Threshold 2 lacs)

2. Location 

  • Remote (Currently because of Covid)
  • Delhi or Bangalore (post-Covid)

7. Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is based on multiple rounds of submissions and interviews.

6. Compensation & recruitment process