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Entrepreneurship education at Wharton is recognized as aiming the best across the globe. The Goergen Entrepreneurial Management Program is amongst the most attended management programs globally. Above 20 entrepreneurial courses are taught by 20 entrepreneur professors who are always available to guide the budding creed of entrepreneurs. Wharton holds globally proclaimed Wharton Business Plan Competition each year, judged by top VCs, CEOs, and founders to hand pick the best team whose B plan is funded and incubated. Venture Initiation Program (VIP) fosters idea to implementation by mentoring U Penn students.


Meticulous mentoring on techno management issues packaged in the Entrepreneur in Residence program is provided to students to help them become successful business men. The Wharton Small Business Development Center since its inception in 1980 has helped more than 25,000 budding entrepreneurs  realize their dreams into reality having huge social impact. It is a self-sufficient incubator for nascent companies ideated by U Penn and Wharton students who want to make it big quickly by beating the highly competitive markets. Wharton grabs an edge over other contemporaries in providing Super specialty paths to entrepreneurship viz. in Startups, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Corporate Venture and Technology and Consulting.



Such super specialization immensely helps the fellows who are clear in thought about the business model they want to pursue and in turn can opt for the same track of specialization.  There are many clubs to cultivate and spread technical expertise in all the super special tracks of specialization in entrepreneurship viz. Wharton Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, which provides specialized career opportunities in venture capital and private equity domains. A proactive stimulus is given upon fresh graduates through Wharton Entrepreneur Advisor Program to promote entrepreneurship by discussing key success drivers and ways to mitigate risk in startups, by brainstorming on new business concepts etc.




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