MBA full form

MBA: full form, courses, admissions 2022 entrance exam, jobs, and salary

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MBA full form is Master of business administration. It is an internationally recognized post-graduate program that equips its students with the necessary skills to make a career in business and management. The MBA admissions for 2022 intake are now open, with the majority of the top MBA colleges announcing their application deadlines. The MBA course

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MBA scholarships - How to increase your chances in 2021

MBA Scholarships – 5 ingredients to get a scholarship from Top B-Schools

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While an MBA degree can offer you career growth, better opportunities, and an attractive salary package, it comes with a steep price tag that can cost you as high as $250,000. One way to reduce this financial burden is through loans. However, loans typically charge high-interest rates, take several years to pay back, and sometimes

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How to shortlist business school fit in 2021

Shortlisting Business Schools that fit you the best!

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How do you decide if a B-School is a good fit for you? Most candidates, while deciding on B-School fit, tend to focus mostly on the quantitative aspects, such as the B-School rankings, etc. This tends to lower their chances of admit and scholarships. The reason – their programs do not fit the aspirant’s requirements.

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MBA in UK - United Kingdom

MBA in UK (United Kingdom) – Which are the Top 30 MBA Colleges in 2021?

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An MBA or Master of Business Administration in the UK (United Kingdom) is generally for 12 months. However, some colleges offer more than 12 months program like London Business School. Many UK universities offer an MBA program, and the average fee can range from £23,000 – £90,000. Some of the top institutions that offer MBA

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types of MBA program

5 different types of MBA programs you can pursue in 2021

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MBA Programs come in a wide variety of formats. If you have set your sights on pursuing an MBA, you can choose from the different types of MBA programs. Choosing the right MBA program would depend on your career goals, your current profile, and the amount of time you’re willing to invest in your MBA.

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MBA in Germany

MBA in Germany – Which are the Top 30 MBA colleges in 2021?

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An MBA in Germany can last between 12 and 24 months. Some courses make an exemption lasting 15, 18, or 20 months. For example, the ESCP – Berlin Campus offers an Executive and International management MBA program for a duration of 18 and 10 months respectively.  Similarly, Cologne Business School offers MBA in International Management

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MBA in New Zealand

MBA in New Zealand – Top Colleges, Fees, and Salary 2021

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An MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) degree helps one switch between various domains and career paths, enabling one to traverse in between the leadership roles across the companies. The degree that usually leads one to such a dynamic career path comes at a high cost. This is where doing an MBA in New Zealand may

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