RC – Main Point Practice

A 4 minute read

This article is the continuation of our previous article named “Paragraph Summaries – An approach to Main Point”.   In the above mentioned article, we discussed in details what a passage and a paragraph are and we presented a frame work to as to how we can summarize each paragraph and then synthesize them to

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Paragraph Summaries to Main Point

A 8 minute read

MAIN POINT OF RC PASSAGE   According to OG – each RC passage is a unified whole – that is, the individual sentences and paragraphs support and develop one main idea or central point which the student must identify. In this article, we will discuss a technique called Paragraph Summaries to arrive at the main point of RC passage. 

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GMAT Reading Comprehension – Video Lesson

A 2 minute read

If you’re wondering how to master GMAT Reading Comprehension, you’ve landed on the right page. At e-GMAT, we conduct Free Webinars every weekend to help the GMAT Aspirants plan and define their preparation. The recording below is that of the Session on “Master GMAT Reading Comprehension”. You can watch the recording or register yourself for

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