When is the right time to take the GMAT?

A 8 minute read

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin The above quote holds true for all GMAT aspirants on their journey to business school. Unlike the CAT which is conducted once every year, the GMAT can be taken around the year. And while this provides the test takers much-needed flexibility, it can also be

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gmat retake or not - worth it - Who, why and when

Should you retake the GMAT? GMAT retake’s why and when in 2021

A 9 minute read

Michael, Rahul, and Anna – Three people in three different cities took the GMAT on October 15, 2020. All three of them got different scores. While Anna is elated to score a 760, Michael and Rahul are disappointed with their scores of 600 and 650 respectively. They’re both considering retaking the GMAT. While Rahul is

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Working Professionals GMAT Study Plan – Balancing Work & GMAT

A 12 minute read

How to plan your GMAT Preparation with Work? Many full-time working professionals struggle to take time out to study for the GMAT settling either for sub-par scores or taking an extended break from their work to study for the test. Some procrastinate, leaving their GMAT preparation till the very end. Yet, there are some such

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GMAT Study Plan for 1 Month – How to prepare for GMAT?

A 8 minute read

Are you aiming to score a 700+ on GMAT within a month and are looking for a plan that will help you achieve your dream score?  Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, we shall look at how you can clear the first hurdle towards your MBA dreams with flying colors.

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GMAT Study Plan Using PSP – From GMAT 660 to GMAT 750

A 5 minute read

In this article, we will demonstrate how you can create a personalized study plan to go from 660 to 750. This assumes you have a precise estimate of the starting scores either from your ESR or any mock test that you have taken. Even if your current and target scores are different you can follow

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GMAT personalized study plan

Personalized Study Planner – GMAT Planning made easy

A 4 minute read

Ninety-five percent (yes 95%) of GMAT aspirants today do not follow a milestone-driven study plan. This is because despite there being hundreds of study plans available on the internet, few are adaptable to individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. In fact, most people who create milestone-driven study plans are those who work with private tutors (i.e. spend

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MBA Admissions – ‘Career Goals’ or ‘Why MBA’ Essay

A 6 minute read

Almost all top business schools require applicants to write a Personal statement or “Why MBA” Goals essay in which they discuss their goals and ambitions as they pertain to the MBA degree, and often to the target school’s particular program. If you’re not sure how and why is the Essay important for your B School

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GMAT in addition to CAT

How to use CAT preparation to ace the GMAT

A 11 minute read

The 4th day of January 2020 was a much-awaited day for all the CAT 2019 takers. Jahnvi, like many other aspirants, was waiting for the clock to show 11:30 am so that she could see her CAT result. All the effort she put in for the preparation would bear fruit today. Due to high traffic

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GMAT 760

How to Study for GMAT – 3 Months Study Plan for GMAT 760

A 8 minute read

Have you ever wondered as to “how to study for GMAT” or “How can I score a 760 on the GMAT?” Many students ask us “Give me a study plan to score 760 in 3 months”. We believe that general study plans are not efficient as every student is different and hence we believe in

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