Spare a thought for “being”

A 8 minute read

So it’s time to bust another (I would not call it a myth but rather) very common perception. For some reason, it is a common notion among GMAT takers that the use of “being” is considered incorrect in GMAT SC.  Below is my brief take on “being” But to come to think of it, “being”

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due to vs because of - GMAT

Due to Vs Because of – GMAT Verbal

A 4 minute read

Due to and Because of are the two phrases tested against each other quite frequently in the Sentence Correction section of the Verbal portion of the GMAT. In day-to-day written and conversational English, these two terms are used interchangeably. But in GMAT SC, the two phrases have very specific usages and are NOT used interchangeably.

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Verb-ed Modifiers vs Verb-ing Modifiers

A 5 minute read

Quote: Would like to understand minute differences between these two types of modifiers. Please correct me if my understanding is not right – Clause + Comma + Past Participle – 

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Subject Verb Agreement – Definition, Rules, and Examples

A 6 minute read

Every single sentence, be it written or spoken, talks about an action, and every action has a doer. This is the reason why there cannot be a sentence without a subject verb agreement, especially in the parlance of GMAT SC. Definition of Subject Verb agreement Definition of Subject The entity about whom/which a statement is

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A primer on Noun phrases and Noun Modifiers | GMAT Sentence Correction

A 3 minute read

Noun Phrase In our article “Noun modifiers can modify slightly far away nouns”, we say that the noun modifiers if preceded by a noun phrase can modify the head of the noun phrase. Through this article we will understand what these noun phrases and noun modifiers are so that we can quickly identify them and

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Master Comprehension – Course Launch

A 3 minute read

Meaning, Logic, and Core Skills Meaning, Logic, Core Skills – these are the three pillars of our offering on GMAT Verbal. One common thread – comprehension – connects all of them. To help you master comprehension, we have launched a dedicated course. Without comprehending a sentence, you will not be able to distill its meaning. When this

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NOUN + NOUN MODIFIERS – Can modify any entity

A 11 minute read

Noun + Noun Modifiers Before we start discussing about the functions of noun + noun modifiers, let’s do a little warm up exercise here. Following are the three sentences. On the basis of the usage of modifier, identify which of the following are correct.

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pronoun usage gmat myths facts

Pronoun Usage – Myths and Facts

A 18 minute read

Before delving into the article, let us look at some sentences and test our knowledge of pronoun usage. The UV radiation emitted by the Sun is carcinogenic and hazardous in ozone-free areas. The UV radiation emitted by the Sun is highly dangerous because it has a very low wavelength. A solar flare emitted by the

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