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How to analyze a GMAT mock test?

Taking practice tests or mock tests is an essential step to acing the GMAT. Mock tests not only help you realize the gaps in your preparation but also build your stamina and concentration. In order to derive maximum benefit, you must know how to evaluate your mock test performance. In this article, we have explained a 2-step method to analyze a mock test which in turn will help you come up with an effective action plan.

Bhavya shares her tips on scoring a V41 – GMAT 730

Bhavya credits her GMAT score to something she calls as ‘verbal magic’. This magic was a result of careful planning, a structured course, and an impactful mock test strategy. With her relentless efforts, she got a 730 on her third attempt.

Take a look at her preparation plan and the tips she shared on how to score V40+ on the GMAT.

8-step guide to get into Indian School of Business (ISB)

ISB is one of the most sought-after business schools in India. The admissions process is very competitive as ISB looks for crème de la crème while selecting its class. To help you with ISB’s admissions process, here is an 8-step guide to get into ISB.

  • Bonus 1 – 10 valuable interview and essay tips for ISB
  • Bonus 2 – Admission tips for reapplicants

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