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GMAT AWA and IR for MBA admissions

AWA and IR are the 2 most neglected sections on the GMAT as their scores are not counted towards the total GMAT score. But, can you ignore them? Do they have any importance in the eyes of the admissions committees? If yes, what is a good AWA and IR score? We have answered all these questions in the article.

How to score a perfect 6 on AWA

In this article, we have explained the 4 categories on which GMAT analyses your AWA essay. We have also explained how to structure your essay to score a perfect 6. (Sample essay included). Read this article to know how to score a perfect 6 on the AWA section?

10 ways to improve your MBA profile and boost your application

Admissions committees look at your complete profile while evaluating your application. So, what can you do to create a well-rounded profile? In this article, we have shared 10 ways to boost your MBA application even if you are a few months away from your deadline

How Pablo received an admit from Michigan Ross with a full scholarship

Pablo – “In my experience, people who are passionate about their schools are the ones who provide the most insights.” Pablo selected just one business school and got an admit with a scholarship. In this article, he explains two specific reasons which made him select Michigan Ross and how that contributed to securing the admit.

PS – This article also features Arjun, who secured an admit from Oxford.

One blog to rule them – The master list of all our articles

Well, we have shared numerous articles with you through our newsletters. But, there are more from where they came from. Take a look at this ‘Santa approved’ list of articles on GMAT preparation and exam strategies, success stories, study plans, quant, and verbal topics, MBA admissions, visa and immigration, and latest business school updates.

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