what are sufficient but not necessary conditions

What are Sufficient but not Necessary Conditions?

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In GMAT CR, connectives like “if….then”, “whenever”, “anytime”, etc.,  imply the presence of a condition or a requirement. Confusion is created when we do not have clarity about what kind of a condition these connectives represent. In our previous article, we have already discussed the nature of – a necessary but not sufficient condition. In

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GMAT Critical Reasoning | Necessary but not sufficient condition

GMAT Critical Reasoning Necessary vs Sufficient Conditions

A 11 minute read

In GMAT Critical Reasoning, Necessary vs Sufficient condition questions are considered to be among the trickiest ones. These GMAT Critical Reasoning questions will present you with so subtle and elegantly woven pitfalls that to an untrained eye they would look like obvious clues to the answer. In this article, we’ll focus on Necessary BUT NOT Sufficient

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