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GMAT OG 2021 vs OG 2020 – Official Guide 2021 Complete review

GMAT Official guide 2021 e-book has been released on April 28, 2020, and it comes with a few enhancements. Probably a few questions would be going on in your mind about the major enhancements that have been made in Official Guide 2021, how it fares against Official Guide 2020, and whether OG 2021 is worth buying. To help you make this decision we did a comparison between OG 2021 and OG 2020 and we have come up with our conclusion. Here’s what you’ll read in this article:

What’s new in GMAT OG 2021?

GMAT OG 2021 has additional questions in the book and a new online question bank has also been added. Moreover, this time GMAC has introduced flashcards in the online question bank.

Additional Questions

  • 265 additional questions, increasing the total number of questions to 1,172
  • 92 new questions added in GMAT OG 2021 book and 1 old question (CR) removed from the last edition
  • 174 new questions in the online question bank
    • 74 new questions in the IR section
    • 100 new questions in Quant (48) and Verbal (52)

GMAT Quant

  • A total of 42 new questions added in the quant section
  • 32 new questions in Problem Solving and 10 new question in data sufficiency
  • No old questions have been deleted

GMAT Verbal

  • 50 new questions added in verbal section and 1 old question from CR removed
  • No additional questions in the RC sub-section
  • 19 new questions in CR section and 1 old question removed
  • 31 new questions in the SC section

Here are the number of questions in each sub-section of OG 2021 book:



GMAT Sub-Section Number of questions in OG 2021
Sentence Correction 180
Critical Reasoning 167
Reading Comprehension 149
Problem Solving 262
Data Sufficiency 240

The Online Question Bank for the Official Guide 2021 series – an online tool that allows users to create customized practice sets using questions in the Official Guide series – can now be accessed on mobile devices through the Wiley Efficient Learning mobile app and used in offline mode.


163 new flashcards (119 in Quant and 44 in Verbal) have been added to the online question bank and they are designed to test individual concepts tested on the GMAT.

How to use flashcards in the Official Guide 2021?

As you know there are 163 new flashcards available in the online version of the GMAT OG 2021.

They are meant to test individual concepts tested on the GMAT. They either contain simpler problems or explanations of concepts.


GMAT OG 2021 Flashcards


Here is how you can use the flashcards:

  1. Create a deck either from all the 163 flashcards or the unseen ones
  2. Choose the number of flashcards you want to see
  3. Click on ‘Create Deck’
  4. On the next page, you’ll see a problem written on a flashcard
  5. Click on ‘Flip’ to see the answer
  6. Move on to the next flashcard

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GMAT Official Guide 2021 vs GMAT Official guide 2020 – How are they different?

As mentioned above, OG 2021 has 265 more questions than OG 2020. 91 questions have been added in the book and 174 questions have been added in the online question bank.

4 sub-sections saw an increase in questions. Let’s see which sub-section witnessed the most increase in the number of questions in the OG 2021 Book.



Question Type GMAT OG 2021 GMAT OG 2020 New Questions Added Questions removed Change
Problem Solving 262 230 32 0 +32
Data Sufficiency 240 230 10 0 +10
Sentence Correction 180 149 31 0 +31
Critical Reasoning 167 149 19 1 +18
Reading Comprehension 149 149 0 0 0
Total book questions 998 907 92 1 +91
Online Question Bank 174 0 174 0 +174
Total questions (book + online) 1172 907 266 1 +265

Data Source: GMAC

GMAT Verbal

  • Sentence Correction – SC has seen the maximum number of additions in questions in the Verbal section. 31 new questions have been added and no old questions have been removed. Change in the total number of questions is 31
  • Critical Reasoning – 19 new questions have been added and 1 old question has been removed. Change in the total number of questions is 18.
  • Reading Comprehension – No new questions have been added.
  • A total addition of 42 questions in the verbal section

GMAT Quant

  • Problem Solving – This sub-section has seen the biggest addition. 32 new questions have been added taking the total to 262 questions.
  • Data Sufficiency – 10 new questions have been added and no questions have been removed from the last edition.
  • A total addition of 49 questions

Access GMAT OG 2021 on your mobile device

OG 2021 just like OG 2020 gives you access to its questions through three channels i.e., Book, Online, and Mobile.

  • For those who like to study using their mobile devices, OG2021 can be accessed through Wiley’s Efficient Learning mobile app. The links to the mobile app on Google Play and Apple App store.
  • Moreover, there is a sync between online and mobile application which means that anything you do online will be reflected in the mobile app.

Who should buy GMAT OG 2021?

It’s quite normal for this question to pop up, “Should I buy GMAT OG 2021?” We have identified 3 scenarios which will help you make this decision.

  1. Need extra questions for Verbal, Quant, and IR – Consider buying the online GMAT OG 2021 as it’ll give you access to 174 additional questions especially if you want to practice IR questions.
  2. Don’t have OG 2020 – We’d recommend buying OG 2021 because it has more questions that are representative of the actual GMAT and you get the OG 2021 for the price of OG 2020.
  3. Already own OG 2020 – We’d recommend not purchasing especially if you don’t need additional questions on IR section.

Where can you buy GMAT OG 2021?

You can buy GMAT OG 2021 online either on Amazon or on Wiley. Please note that as of now only the e-book is available. The physical copy of the OG 2021 is going to be available for sale on Amazon and other retailers on June 3, 2020. As of now, you can buy the e-book only

  • On Wiley, the price of the book is $47.95 and the bundle costs $81.95

Wiley is also running an offer on the purchase of GMAT OG 2021. You get a discount of 15% with coupon GMAT2021 through May 31, 2020, at 11:59 pm PT. This discount is not applicable to the bundle.


  • The new GMAT OG 2021 has 265 new questions
  • There are 92 new questions in OG 2021 and 1 old question has been removed from the last edition
  • GMAT Quant – 42 new questions have been added and no old questions have been removed.
  • GMAT Verbal – 1 old question removed and 50 new questions added.
  • 174 new questions in the OG 2021 online question bank. 74 questions belong to the IR section, 48 to Quant section, and 52 to Verbal section.
  • 163 new flashcards have been added to the online question bank
  • If you need additional online questions especially in IR and do not already own OG 2020, then you should consider buying GMAT OG 2021
  • If you previously own GMAT OG 2020 then you do not need to upgrade to OG 2021. Instead, you can access e-GMAT OG quizzes to keep yourself updated with the new additions

FAQ – GMAT OG 2021

What is GMAT Official Guide?

GMAT Official Guide (OG) is a question bank of more than 1000 questions that have been asked in previous GMAT exams. They are the closest to the real questions asked on the GMAT.

Is OG enough for me to ace the GMAT?

For most test-takers, OG is not enough. The questions in Official Guide are actually old retired GMAT questions and so, indeed the questions on the actual exam would be of a similar difficulty level. However, you need more prep resources to ace the GMAT. Here are 400 free GMAT prep questions.

Where can I buy GMAT OG 2021?

You can buy the e-book from Wiley’s website. The cost is $ 47.95
More details here.

Which are the best books to prepare for the GMAT?

There are quite a few books and online resources you can use to prepare for the GMAT. Here is a comprehensive list.

What is GMAT syllabus?

GMAT syllabus comprises of topics from Quant, Verbal, AWA, and IR sections of the GMAT. Here is the list of topics, whose questions can be asked on the GMAT

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