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Top 10 Best Business Schools for Technology Careers – Part 2

In our previous article, we looked at the top 5 business schools for technology. In this article, we look at the next set of 5 business schools that place well in the technology industry.

Best Business Schools for Technology - Part 2

The Business Schools that we will explore in this article are:

  1. UCLA Anderson
  2. Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management
  3. University of Michigan: Ross School of Business
  4. MIT Sloan School of Management
  5. Dartmouth Tuck School of Business

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Following are some of the employment statistics related to the Best Business Schools for Technology

Sr. No Business School name %age by Industry Mean/Median Salary Mean/Median Bonus Salary Range
1 UoW Foster School of Business 60.00% 119,308 N/A 54,989 – 160,000
2 Stanford GSB 33.00% 135,643/135,000 31,744/25000 70,000 – 200,000
3 Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 32.40% 121,448/130,000 N/A N/A
4 UC Berkeley (Haas) 31.70% 132,784/130,000 35,337 N/A
5 UT Austin McCombs 30.00% 119,003 N/A N/A
6 UCLA Anderson 29.50% 122,693/130,000 35,456/40,000 55,000 – 160,000
7 Northwestern Kellogg 28.30% 127,751/130,000 32,013/25,000 30,000 – 180,000
8 Michigan Ross 27.10% 125,124/130,000 40,000 73,000 – 158,000
9 MIT Sloan 26.70% 133,317/130,000 N/A 115,000 – 199,999
10 Dartmouth Tuck 24.00% 127,589/130,000 39,011/35,000 85,000 – 159,000

Best Business School for Technology #6: UCLA Anderson School of Management


With 30.1% of its 2017 class going into the technology industry after graduation, the UCLA Anderson School of Management is a top choice for those who want a career in the technology industry. UCLA Anderson graduates entering the technology industry commanded a median annual salary of $123,000 and a median signing bonus of $30,000.

Class Size 370
%age of the class who chose careers in tech 28%
Mean Salary $123,000
Mean Bonus $30,000
Top Tech Recruiters Amazon, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, and Cisco


UCLA Anderson Easton Technology Management Center

Anderson is home to the Easton Technology Management Center, an institute devoted to “developing leaders who shape the future of technology.” Easton offers technology courses and field studies; hosts conferences, workshops, and lectures; and supports technology-related research. Anderson students can also choose to pursue a specialization in technology leadership, taking electives that include technology management, intellectual property, and new product development.

Faculty and Research

UCLA Anderson’s Decisions, Operations and Technology Management (DOTM) area consists of 16 faculty members. Their areas of focus include technology management, high-tech marketing, computer science applications and new product/service design. DOTM faculty also teach 2 technology-related core MBA courses – Data and Decisions and Operations Technology Management apart from a dozen other electives.

Students can also pursue a “primary sequel’ in technology management, which offers a deeper dive into managing high technology firms, including acquiring, creating and using Technology and knowledge assets.

Student Clubs

Beyond academics and accomplished faculty, the student-led High Tech Business Association organizes Tech treks, Case Competitions as well as multiple conferences and workshops.

UCLA Anderson’s combination of technology coursework, experienced faculty, and student activities helped the class of 2017 land jobs at companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Cisco.

Best Business School for Technology #7: Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management


With Amazon hiring 21 graduates from the class of 2018 and with 28% of the class choosing careers in the technology industry, Kellogg is a school to watch in terms of growing tech hiring. According to Liza Kirkpatrick, senior director of the full-time program at Kellogg’s Career Management Centre more than 50 unique tech employers hired Kellogg graduates.

Class Size 479
%age of the class who chose careers in tech 28%
Mean Salary $130,000
Mean Bonus $25,000
Top Tech Recruiters Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

Read more about Kellogg’s class profile and employment reports in this article

Graduates were hired into functions ranging from product management, sales, marketing, business operations, and supply chain management.

Technology Management and Data Analytics Pathways at Kellogg

To students interested in building expertise in the areas of technology and data analytics, Kellogg provides various pathways. A pathway is an integrated, cross-functional sequence of courses designed to address a particular skill set or industry.

Courses offered in the Technology Management Pathway include marketing analytics, product management and introduction to software development along with a host of elective courses.

The Data Analytics Pathway provides foundational, deep-dive and experiential courses which not only help students learn about data analytics in business but also apply this knowledge to real company situations

Expert Faculty and Research Centers

Kellogg also features a range of faculty experts in the area of technology information management, including specialists in blockchain, information technology, information systems, and technology infrastructure. The school is also home to the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation, which provides education, advisory, and advocacy services and initiatives related to technology and innovation.

Best Business School for Technology #8: Michigan Ross School of Business

Best MBA Program for technology - Michigan Ross

At Michigan Ross over one in every four (27.1%) graduates headed to careers in the technology industry. 44 graduates accepted offers from Amazon and a third of the class took up jobs on the west coast. Median salaries and bonuses offered to students were $130,000 and $40,000 respectively. The Ross MBA experience offers several opportunities for students interested in tech careers.

Coursework and Concentrations

Besides 4 technology-related core courses Ross offers 28 other related electives in technology. A few notable technology course electives include:

Those interested in technology careers can also add a Data and Business Analytics concentration to their MBA program. This concentration offers students the opportunity to hone their analytical skills to provide more effective more data-driven business recommendations.

Technology MAP Projects

Ross students interested in tech can take advantage of its signature experiential learning experience i.e. the Multi-Disciplinary Action Project. As a part of the core curriculum, students get an opportunity to work with technology organization on solving a real business problem. The following technology organizations participated in the most recent MAP projects:

  • Alphabet (Parent company of Google)
  • Amazon
  • Facebook

Student Clubs and Experiences

Student-led professional clubs such as the Tech club helps students interested in technology careers by providing guidance and educating members on the latest trends and developments in the tech industry. It also hosts lunch and learn sessions, networking events and a tech day that brings together professionals, students, and alumni to discuss the latest technology and recruiting trends.

The Tech club also organizes treks to cities such as Seattle and San Francisco to visit companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, VMWare, Cisco, etc.

Best Business School for Technology #9: MIT Sloan School of Management


With technology in its name, MIT Sloan School of Management deserves consideration by anyone thinking of a career in technology. It is located in the Boston-Cambridge area which is home to a growing network of entrepreneurs and startup incubators. In 2018, 29.4% of its class chose careers in technology. The median salary of graduates entering the technology industry is $130,000.

Sloan shares its campus with one of the best engineering schools in the world which gives Sloan students ample opportunities to augment their coursework with deeper dives into computer science and engineering.

MIT Sloan at a Glance

Class Size 409
%age of the class who chose careers in tech 29.4%
Mean Salary $130,000
Top Tech Recruiters Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook

Read more about MIT Sloan’s class profile and employment statistics in this article

MIT Sloan Business Analytics Certificate

Sloan recently launched a Business Analytics Certificate to prepare students for careers in business analytics and data science in the tech industry. This certificate program complements a new Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) degree launched in 2016.

MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Track

Students in the MBA program at MIT Sloan can choose to take part in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track at MIT Sloan. Every student in the E&I track starts with a course called Introduction to Technological Innovation which provides the foundational knowledge needed for creating and building successful startups.

Electives offered in the E&I track range from courses such as Technology Management to “Law and Cutting Edge Technology” and the “Business of Robotics.”

Students in the E&I track also go on the Silicon Valley Study Tour (SVST) in which they visit a range of firms in the life sciences, medical technology, software information technology, advanced materials, and new energy fields. Students who complete all requirements for E&I receive a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Technology Focused Student Clubs at MIT Sloan

Outside of the classroom, Sloan offers tech-focused students a wide assortment of opportunities through its Data Analytics ClubEntrepreneurship & Innovation ClubMIT FinTech ClubMIT Sloan Coders Club, and MIT Sloan Tech Club. These groups provide career preparation, networking opportunities, conferences, and workshops.

Best Business School for Technology #10: Dartmouth Tuck School of Business

Best MBA program for Technology - Dartmouth Tuck

24% of the class of 2018 at Dartmouth Tuck School of Business chose careers in the technology industry. Tuck graduates were offered median starting salaries and bonuses of $130,000 and $35,000 respectively.

Tuck Student Clubs & Industry Treks

Tuck students interested in pursuing careers in the technology industry can take advantage of the resources provided by student clubs such as career guidance, industry learning opportunities and annual conferences. Following are some of the student clubs that cater to students interested in technology careers:

  • Technology Club
  • Health Care Club
  • FinTech Club
  • Energy Club
  • Data Analytics Club
  • Design and Innovation Club

Every year groups of students travel to various cities to visit firms and engage with industry leaders and meet Tuck Alumni. Tech Industry-focused treks visited firms in New York, Boston, and the Bay Area.

Research Centers

Tuck also boasts of several centers dedicated toward research in various areas of technology. Following are some of the research centers at Tuck:

The Center for Digital Strategies lists the following as its areas of expertise:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Digital Business Models
  • Information Security and Risk
  • Digital Society
  • Enterprise Transformation

Top hiring organizations in technology for the class of 2018 at Tuck include Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Walmart, and Wayfair.

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