Bhagawat displays his magic with a 750 on the GMAT

Bhagawat Rawat

Hi Bhagawat. Congratulations on scoring a 750. How does it feel to achieve a dream score?
Amazing! I was pleasantly surprised with a 200+ point score improvement compared to my previous attempt. e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep course helped me jump from 630 (V28) to 750 (V41).
How was your experience of using the SC portion of the course?
The 3-step process for SC is a sure shot way to get questions correct. The most important point which i would like to mention is that you guys made the difficult terms made so easy to understand (no one in this world would teach using terms such as verb-ed modifiers, verb-ing modifiers, noun+noun modifiers etc). All the appositives, gerunds, reflexives and infinitives can take a toss in front of your methodology. With each session, my confidence grew and so did my accuracy.
Glad to hear that. How about CR?
Rajat’s CR sessions were superb and the concept of pre-thinking is absolutely a gold mine. The negation test and variance analysis actually helped me during my exam.
Were there any other aspects of the course that you’d like to mention?
Yes – the two amazing workshops which you conducted for the first time. I am GLAD you did that. They gave a real insight about my preparation trajectory and highlighted the areas I had to improve. I could get an accuracy of 88% on the OG12 SC section and 94% on the CR section.
What did you do differently this time that, according to you, played a crucial role in your tremendous score improvement?
I tracked my mistakes, analyzed every wrong choice as to why it was wrong, followed the 3-step process blindly, in short did everything you guys told me to do.
We’re quite glad the course helped you, Bhagawat. Is there anything else that you’d like to add for your fellow test takers?
People say it’s no magic to score well on GMAT and that you need to work very hard. I say, what e-GMAT does is pure MAGIC!
Thank you for your words of appreciation Bhagawat. It was nice speaking to you. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.
Thank you e-GMAT team.