Arun scored a 710 on the GMAT

Arun Taneja

Hi Arun. How does it feel to achieve your target score of 710?
Thank you so much. I could achieve my target score today and I must say that the major contribution has been from your Verbal Online course. Your course is way way better than anything else in the market. You should start giving score increase guarantee even on your virtual course. It is so good.
Can you tell us what happened in the first attempt?
I had given GMAT a few months back. I took help from another test prep firm. However, there was no coherent structure to the preparation and so, I could score only a 640.
How did Verbal Online help you during your second attempt?
The program really explains the concepts thoroughly and in a concise manner. After going through a concept file, you really come out with the feeling of ‘ wow’. The Application Files continue that wow feeling by showing you how to apply the concepts you just learnt on GMAT-like questions.
How did Scholaranium help you in your preparation?
The explanation to each and every question is A-class. Just to give you a bit of insight: I gave a gmat prep just after completing concept section – i scored a 640. Then I took a month or two to complete scholaranium and my score straight away jumped away to 680/690. Scholaranium provides excellent insights into your strengths and weaknesses that you need to focus on for effective preparation.
Thanks Arun. Would you like to add anything else?
Thank you so much and keep doing the good work guys!