Anupam Gupta

Hi Anupam. How are you doing?
I am good and quite happy, I must say. I am happy that I was able to crack the GMAT in my first attempt itself.
Can you tell us a bit more about your preparation?
I thought I would sail through the Verbal section of the GMAT as I was fairly comfortable with language in general. However, it took only a couple of mock CATs to cut me down to size. I realized I needed help in understanding some things and unlearning others.
How did you come across e-GMAT?
I came across e-GMAT on GMAT Club and attended a free webinar that Rajat hosts on Saturdays. I instantly connected with the way of teaching and hence decided to purchase the Verbal Online course.
What are your thoughts on the Verbal Online course?
The course is much more structured and comprehensive than any other course I have seen. It walks you through detailed instructions for every possible topic and the concept files are amazingly well organized. The topics are arranged in a fashion that makes it easy to assimilate. The practice provided in the course is brilliant and really makes you work on your concepts.
Glad to hear that the course helped you, Anupam. How did the SC portion of the course help you?
For SC, I think this is the best course there is. Before going through this course, I was a bit hesitant The concept files are exhaustive and I felt completely ready for SC after one pass through all files. SC became a strong point since the process really helped. The 3-step approach to SC is extremely helpful and makes the most challenging questions seem very easy.
How about the CR and RC portions of the course?
For CR, the pre-thinking approach demonstrated is brilliant. It really makes you take a good hard look at the argument before jumping to an answer, and I believe this is the only way to achieve both accuracy and speed in Verbal on the GMAT.
The reading strategies provided for RC are something that work together brilliantly and helped me get into the right frame of mind to decipher even the most complex passages.
How was the support provided by the team?
The team at e-GMAT is extremely helpful. I panicked a bit during the last few days and shot an email out to them. However, Rajat personally responded and helped me calm down a lot. The team is friendly and really invests in your preparation.
Would you like to add anything else?
I owe my Verbal score of 41 solely to e-GMAT. The process and structure really helped me improve my skills. The way the concepts are taught, I am sure I will carry this knowledge throughout my MBA as well. Thanks for a great product and service!