e-GMAT reached an extraordinary milestone this week- It became the world’s first company to reach 200 reviews by non-natives. 

e-GMAT – The world’s first company to reach 200 non-native reviews

To celebrate this, we are offering a one-time discount on our Flagship Products- Verbal Live Prep and Verbal Online. Join us and let’s ace the GMAT together. 

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  • Most comprehensive classroom course
  • e-GMAT SC, CR, RC and IR courses
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  • e-GMAT SC, CR, RC, and IR courses
  • 5 Live Sessions
  • 5 Mock tests + 20 GC tests ($250 value)
  • Verbal Workshop included ( $50 value)

e-GMAT has the highest number of success stories on GMAT Club’s Share GMAT Experience forum. In fact, e-GMAT has at least 200% more success stories than  any other test prep company!

In a competition held by GMAT Club, our instructors were voted the best in the “Best Presenter Award”.  In fact, more than 20,000 people viewed the recorded lecture within 24 hours – a new record for GMAT Club.

We put in our best efforts to teach our students and the ratings we receive from our students are a proof of that. Here is how our students rated Chiranjeev on the recently conducted Bold Face Live Session – “an average rating is better than 9.0″

Verbal Live Prep is the best course – beats every other course hands down!

“If you are a non-native, please take this course”

-AbiKumar (750, V41)

GC debrief

“VLP is the reason why I could score 760 on GMAT”

-Aprajita (760, V43)

GC debrief

“Payal and Rajat are no less than Stacey and Ron from MGMAT”

-Gurpreet Singh (710, GC moderator)

GC debrief

“After competing this course, I was able to solve every  GMAT Prep question”

-Meera (750, V41)

GC debrief

Feedback from Students

After the course, I felt confident not only about cracking the GMAT, but also about writing much better English.

e-GMAT SC is clearly a gold-mine for GMAT SC that helped me improve from V28 to V40 in 30 days!

I never believed I would score above 40 in verbal, especially after my abysmal V21 in first attempt.

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